February 29, 2024

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Will the AFP deploy LRAD at Canberra rally Tuesday?


LRAD acoustic device on the parapet of Parliament House being deployed against protesters at the 2022 Convoy to Canberra Rally.

Former Liberal MHR Craig Kelly asked a simple question in the House after the one million strong Convoy to Canberra Rally on Feb 12, 2022 if the AFP had deployed Long Range Acoustic Devices against peaceful protesters. (above, watch video to end)

The usual catcalling suspects of the ALP, Greens and LNP *unrepresentative swill can be heard in the background deriding Kelly for asking such a question in the House.

Then we had Senator Malcolm Roberts during senate estimates hearings asking the former AFP Commissioner Reece Kershaw if he had authorised the use of dangerous LRAD weapons against protesters.

Kershaw refused to reply unless he was given immunity from prosecution.


Cairns News today received copies of emailed questions to various senators and MHR’s if they would ask the AFP if LRAD was going to be used against protesters at the Reckless Renewables Rally on Feb, 6, tomorrow.

One constituent received a phone call from a staffer from Liberal Member for Farrer Susan Ley’s office who said Susan Ley had nothing to do with the rally so she could not assist.

Cairns News received messages from protesters who attended the 2022 rally saying they had intense sunburn-type injuries and their hearing was impaired by the LRAD.

  • Paul Keating statement in Lower House 1989

Source: https://cairnsnews.org/2024/02/05/will-the-afp-deploy-lrad-at-canberra-rally-tuesday/

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