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Yes, Those Earthquakes Are Caused by Fracking Boom, Studies Confirm



These two papers, the latest in a series of studies on the issue, add to the growing consensus among scientists that the spike in mid-U.S. earthquakes is man-made––and the oil and gas industry is to blame. Conventional oil and gas production has always generated wastewater, but the boom in unconventional fracking, a method to extract previously elusive oil and gas reserves, has led to the production of much more water that needs to be injected below the surface, prompting disposal in seismic-prone areas.

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1 thought on “Yes, Those Earthquakes Are Caused by Fracking Boom, Studies Confirm

  1. The Daily Mail has brilliant pix.
    * 66 ft sinkhole opens up over night in suburb St Albans.
    * 20 ft sinkhole opens up on Gosforth estate.
    * 200 fathoms deep sinkhole in Carbis Bay.
    * sinkhole at Ripon
    * sinkhole at Manchester
    * sinkhole at Lowestoft
    * sinkhole at Hemel
    * sinkhole at Morriston
    there are more –
    Great Britain is crumbling & the rubble is being washed away by the surrounding ocean.
    Should we play the national anthem at this point, or satnd silent for a moment.

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