April 15, 2024

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Zucchini: The Super-Abundant Easy-To Grow Plant Every Garden Needs


Zucchini is easy to plant, easy to grow and delicious to eat, making it a favorite to grow in a garden. A summer squash, it comes in all sizes and shapes. It can grow up to several feet in length if left on the vine long enough. In fact, a Canadian man holds the Guinness World Record for longest zucchini ever grown. It was 7 feet, 10 inches in length!

Zucchini is usually some shade of light or dark green, but there are beautiful yellow, orange and gold varieties (this is not to mention all the varieties with stripes). Although treated like a vegetable, zucchini is actually a fruit. It came from the Americas and eventually made its way to Italy.








Tip, cook up a cheese, tuna, egg & potato bake inside a whole cut Zucchini with fresh herbs & bake in the oven.


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2 thoughts on “Zucchini: The Super-Abundant Easy-To Grow Plant Every Garden Needs

  1. Zuccini chocolate cake is nice.
    Savory zuccini & what ever else you like muffins.
    Quiche with zucini, cheese, ham, sourcream, &/or what ever else you like.

    For children who will not eat carrots.
    peel & dice a some carrots
    several cloves of garlic aprox: 8 -10
    chicken stock cubes aprox: 3
    place ingredients in small pot with very little water & cook ‘you do not actually want the water, but it contains the flavor so let it reduce to just a bit’
    add sour cream & blits some more … it must be sour cream for the right flavor.
    Cook your childs favorite pasta & mix together with sauce.
    Never tell that the ingredients are vegies … if they ask it is food colouring to make it look more delicious … children prefer food colouring to vegtables.

  2. Call it macaroni cheese – try it without cheese first – the sour cream gives the cheese flavor.

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