March 3, 2024

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‘It was horrific’: Shiraz Maher tells of his struggle with COVID-19

Hi All, see email below to Shiraz Maher… I’ll let you know if he responds…
Incidentally, as well as being at King’s College London, Maher is also at John Hopkins University…interesting to consider in light of Event 201
We’ll see if he responds…

Dear Dr Maher, your reported experience with COVID-19 is outlined in this article: Counter-terrorism expert Shiraz Maher tells of his struggle with COVID-19. The Australian newspaper (News Corp), 28 March 2020. 

The article might be behind a paywall, so please see a copy attached for your information.

Dr Maher, can you please advise, has your experience with SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 been confirmed?
It’s interesting that anecdotal experiences such as yours are promoted in the media – do you think your experience is the norm?  Of course, many of us have experienced unpleasant viruses in the past, a week or so of misery, and then ok.
I left a comment on the article about your ‘struggle with COVID-19’, but so far it hasn’t been published.
Please see my comment below. It was within the character allocation.
What do you think about my comment? Do you think my comment is offensive Dr Maher?
Do you think my comment should be barred from the conversation?
I’d appreciate your response on this Dr Maher.
Comment (unpublished so far).
Why is the media intent on making ‘COVID-19’ sound like the new Ebola? 
According to the WHO, “Illness due to COVID-19 infection is generally mild, especially for children and young adults”.[1]
So far there have been 14 deaths in Australia associated with COVID-19 – mostly in elderly people with comorbidities. 
3,635 cases of this ‘generally mild’ disease confirmed. But so what? We have no idea of the real number of cases as not everyone is tested. Mortality rates are likely to be inflated.
On the basis of a highly questionable ‘modelling’ report out of Imperial College London[2], our economy, our society, our very liberty is now at risk. 
Currently 25.4 million Australians are being prevented from freely living their lives. We cannot freely associate with friends and family. Older people are becoming more isolated, cut off from family and friends and services such as council home libraries. We are unable to go to the gym – what affect will this have on our physical and mental health? We cannot sit in cafes and pubs. We can’t got to the beach. Small businesses are being destroyed. The Army is being called in to enforce strict new quarantine rules. Depression might now spread throughout the community. Domestic violence may increase.
A bloodless coup is underway with millions of Australians now under semi-house arrest, in homes which are becoming isolation chambers.
And all this is happening in response to an illness which is being described as ‘generally mild’ by the WHO.
What is the evidence to support what is currently underway? Does the COVID-19 threat justify the enormous damage being done in this country and around the world?
Is anybody doing some ‘modelling’ on the massive economic and social damage currently underway in Australia?
Elizabeth Hart
1. WHO Q&A on coronaviruses (COVID-19) – Should I worry about COVID-19. 9 March 2020.
2. See: Covid-19: UK starts social distancing after new model points to 260 000 potential deaths. BMJ2020;368:m1089   


Elizabeth Hart

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