April 22, 2024

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75 year embargo placed on the release of official Tasmania Police records relating to the Port Arthur massacre.

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The most dangerous movie to come out of Australia in years, WASP is a major film event.

WASP is the movie Australia doesn’t want made, WASP is your movie, created from the need of those, like myself, who feel the truth was hidden, justice denied and the full story never told. A feature length, drama, WASP is confronting, powerful and poignant, a hard hitting, but non exploitative depiction of one of the worst shooting massacres in world history. Now, with your voice and your support, WASP will rip away the silence that surrounds this black day in our nation’s history.
Paul Moder
As most Port Arthur students know, there is the remainder of a 30 year seal, imposed by the Hobart Supreme Court back in 1996, on the evidence from the crime. This was due to expire in about 7 years from now.
Late last year, I was trolling through the internet and came across this video post by a woman who works for the Tasmanian government Archives and Heritage Office (TAHO) The video was apparently shot in 2016 (after I announced my intention to make a film about Port Arthur) and released in 2017. I’d never seen this document before on previous searches.
The woman (Nicki Ottavi) talks about how they were tasked with the challenging job of digitizing all the material from the Port Arthur files (as much of it was in different formats, including VHS, floppy discs, cassette tape etc) and storing these in TAHO. She talked about the distressing nature of much of the material and how it affected the archival staff. I spoke to her at length about her task, she talked about the nature of the work and confirmed the Chief Commissioner has sole jurisdiction in this decision to archive the files.
At the conclusion of the video, she states the material was placed under the highest access restriction, E75, Chief Commissioner’s eyes only, for 75 years. This is in addition to the remainder of the court seal.


The content listing of the file does not even detail what files the archive contains, just a number.
I was gobsmacked. This means, the Chief Commissioner has effectively sealed the files until all players are dead. Why now? Why after all these years and why after I announced WASP – The Port Arthur Massacre?
I immediately contacted the Chief Commissioner’s officer (Darren Hine) and spoke to his secretary. She said there was no appeal process, but that I could apply for access and sent out a form. She said many people from all over the world have applied for access since the 20th anniversary but ALL of them had been denied.
This is an absolute outrage and blatant suppression of the truth. If you had any doubts the authorities have something to hide, doubt no more. Nothing, justifies this level of restriction.


Paul Moder
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FUNDING: I need your help, in every way that you can. Every little bit helps, so spreading the word about our campaign on social media will be greatly appreciated as its momentum that gets the ball rolling. Thank you for your support in this, there are many more projects on the go, but WASP is not the movie I want to make, its the movie I have to make. See you at the premiere.


2 thoughts on “75 year embargo placed on the release of official Tasmania Police records relating to the Port Arthur massacre.

    Because of the implications of the end result no one wants to separate extremely questionable and highly suspicious individual sections for fear of being denigrated.
    The evidentiary material openly and indelibly identifies prior planning for delivery of equipment that must be dealt with without fear nor favour.
    Q. 1. Why has no one demanded a Royal Commission and STEPHEN SHANE PARRY put under oath to explain his prior knowledge to order and have on site an embalming machine box and a special large equipment case to be manufactured ready for the incident?
    Stephen Parry former President of the Senate wrote within: –
    AFDA National Embalming Team – Detailed Report appears on pages 104 to 119 of said book. On the top of page 104, the name Stephen Parry as Team Leader wrote on Page 112. “I was particularly impressed by the quick response and initiatives by some of the team members in packaging and collecting equipment. The response time and the amount of equipment quickly relocated was fantastic. One firm in particular, Nelson Brothers, had organized for an embalming machine box and a special large equipment case to be manufactured ready for the incident. These two containers were the envy of all embalmers and worked extremely well. I would suggest that design specifications may be available from this firm for any future considerations by other firms.”
    He says that the funeral services company Nelson Brothers had: “organized for an embalming machine box and a special large equipment case to be manufactured ready for the incident.” There is no uncertainty in his words. Said equipment was large, possessed significant design specifications, and was made prior to and for the incident at Port Arthur, Tasmania. He knew this in 1997. He possibly knew these facts in 1996 at the time you worked as the leader of a team responsible for embalming bodies (c.25) of the victims of the Port Arthur shooting incident.
    Q.2. Why did the Tasmanian Government order and have specially built a 22-body refrigerated Morgue Truck the only one in Australia, months before the Port Arthur massacre? Why has no one been put under oath to explain why this was ordered and delivered prior to the event?

    This was advertised for sale afterwards.
    The actual advertisement:

    Vehicle for Sale. Genuine Enquiries only. Yellow Chevrolet 350 V8 truck with refrigerated body, holds 22, this vehicle was primarily used as the disaster vehicle in the Port Arthur Massacre.

    This vehicle is currently for sale and all reasonable offers will be considered. The vehicle has value as not only a refrigerated unit for body removal, it is the only one of its kind in the entire country. The memorabilia value of it for anyone making a movie/series or writing a book on Port Arthur is limitless. Not only would the purchaser be getting the disaster vehicle, but the whole Port Arthur Story would be given as well. This vehicle is currently for sale and all REASONABLE OFFERS will be considered.
    In 1988 NSW Premier, Barry Unsworth said, It will take a massacre in Tasmania before we will be able to introduce gun laws. In March 1996 , less than a month before the massacre at Port Arthur, “the Gun Coalition’s Tasmanian coordinator Mr. Rowland Brown, wrote to the Hobart Mercury newspaper warning of a Dunblane-style massacre in Tasmania unless the gun laws were changed” (SOURCE: The Australian Newspaper, 29 th April 1996).
    Can you provide the answers – a Royal Commission is obviously required to get these answers.

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