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THE ABC BELONGS TO THE PEOPLE OF AUSTRALIA! and should not be endorsing hate groups that incite division and discrimination in the community.

ABC online technology reporter Ariel Bogle wrote the article “How Facebook’s anti-vaccination movement is kept in check by these Aussie volunteers “ and interviewed volunteers from pro vaccine hate group Stop the AVN ( SAVN) and admins from facebook page Refutations to Anti-Vaccination Memes.

Ariel Bogle told Fran Kelly on ABC radio that these volunteer groups do this work because ‘they want to protect children’

You can listen to it here or read the transcript

STOP THE AVN (SAVN) IS A HATE GROUP and was set up to destroy citizen group Australian Vaccination risks network. SAVN have had a history of trolling , issuing death threats and mocking vaccine injured families. Their attacks include

    False Claims
    Government Complaints
    Media Complicity
    Phone Calls
    Verbal Abuse

Meryl Dorey was recently interviewed by Crazz files about being the target of Stop the AVN hate campaigns .

Stop the AVN is a splinter hate group created by the international organisation the Skeptics . Tim Bolan has studied them extensively and writes

The “skeptic“ organization TRAINS their people in these kinds of tactics. Those “workshops” they hold are, plainly and simply said, “Hatred Training Camps” any way you look at them.’

Greens Leader Richard Di Natale personally thanked members of hate group Stop the Australian Vaccination Network ( SAVN) in parliament. This video exposes evidence of their cyberbullying abuse to parents and citizens who advocate for choice in Vaccination.

Stop the AVN member Christine Bayne back in 2010, implored her twitter followers to ‘put a bullet ‘ in AVN founder Meryl Dorey’s head, took out the Australian Skeptic of the year 2018.

In 2012, extremely threatening phone calls were made to the home of Australian Vaccination Risks Network president Meryl Dorey from the home phone number of Daniel Raffaele, the founder of SAVN.

Greens party leader Richard Di Natale publicly thanked hate group SAVN in parliamentwith special mention of Daniel Raffaele.


Ariel Bogle also applauds the censorship of freedom and writes “The group also tries to stop Australian tours by prominent anti-vaccination groups and spokespeople’

In 2015 Dr Sherri Tenpenny from the USA cancelled her Australian trip because “pro vaccine extremists” had made “continual, anonymous threats of vandalism and violence”Many of the threats against venues hosting Dr Tenpenny were incited by members of SAVN.


Is glorifying a hate group balanced journalism from the tax payer funded ABC? The ABC takes complaints about its editorial performance very seriously and it’s mandated in its charter.

For those concerned about lack of journalist Integrity please contact the ABC and demand that the tax-payer funded ABC cover both sides of the vaccination issue –

You can lodge a complaint here :


The ABC clearly didn’t do their job of unbiased journalism and investigate why families don’t vaccinate? Did they bother to cover stories of vaccine injury or death such as these?

1) Father sues after one-in-a million vaccine reaction

2) Single mother-of-three paralysed from the face down after getting free flu injection at the hospital where she worked

3) Parents of Saba Button who was a victim of flu vaccine debacle receive payout from WA Government

4) Two-year-old Ashley Epapara

Little girl died in cot after flu jab

5) Lachlan Neylan

A TODDLER taken to the doctor for a child’s flu shot was left unable to walk or talk after being given a version of the drug banned for under fives.

Also Read: Family Of Sydney Man Who Died Suddenly After Flu Shot Threaten Legal Action

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