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Answer from a Dead Nurse On What IS Disease?

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When I first heard this quote from the great nurse I wasn’t quite sure what it meant. It is not amongst the most famous of her quotes as it flies over most people heads but it is probably the most dangerous of her quotes to the medical establishment if everyone understood what it means. I will try to explain.

A while back I was discussing what to write next after my ‘germ theory trilogy’ and it came to mind that we need to understand what ‘disease’ actually is and also what it is not.

Pre-modern medicine there were few named diseases. The plague and the Black death were the two generic names for mass disease and death spanning 400 years or so, it goes. Then we had the pox which included leprosy, syphilis, then smallpox and then many other new-fangled labels started appearing.

germ theory gave them a perfect new bogeyman

I would liken the named diseases we have now, and there are thousands with more being added by the day, to a kind of ‘branding’. In marketing the brand is all important for selling and making big money. Everything has to be branded these days. Once you have a brand you can market it, produce products for it, then build charities and companies with it to create more income. Then you can target your market and recruit more customers with ‘awareness campaigns’ and ‘screening’ but the jackpot for every brand is its very own patented drug, protocol, procedure or vaccine. Once the vaccine or drug is out there it will in itself create more new ‘diseases’ to name/brand and market. Hell they even have a market for recycled organs from unfortunate not quite dead people to stuff into others who’ve had their organs whipped out when they’ve damaged them beyond their scope of repair (or so they claim).

How many of these brands do we have out there now? According to the cdc website just under ‘A’ there are 52 or thereabouts-
Many of these brand names are long winded and latin so for ease of marketing they’ve taken to initializing and coming up with catchy achronyms like ALS, AIDS, ADHD and on and on… If the anachronism isn’t catchy enough they’ll use old fashioned scare names like Mad Cow Disease or shorten a long name like Ebola virus disease to a more catchy, simple Ebola. Something which will stick in your mind or as they like to say in marketing ‘resonate with you’. Once you have your brand, according to a ‘brand strategy’ website I looked at, you can-

All this naming and ‘branding’ of ‘specific diseases’, as Florence calls them, is a way of redefining variations of a few symptoms into a marketable product.

It’s a money-making scam. They would have us believe all these diseases are only just now being discovered through ‘science’ but is that true? According to Florence, no, ‘there are no specific diseases’. Now I know you’re going to complain that she was working in the field before modern medicine and its technology were even invented therefore she would be proven wrong in the future. But actually she was dead right and if she was alive today she’d soon be dead.

Modern medicine first tried to pin their ‘specific diseases’ each on a specific germ/microbe which Florence completely rejected before Pasteur got his hands on the theory and promoted it with (or rather because of) Rothschilds/Rockefellers backing. If you look up her thoughts on germ theory you will get a load of websites which claim she came around in the end to believe in the notion of germ theory but those claims are also false. To put the quote above into context and explain her thinking you need to look at the whole paragraph it came from:

“Diseases are not individuals arranged in classes, like cats and dogs, but conditions growing out of one another. Is it not living in a continual mistake to look upon diseases as we do now, as separate entities, which must exist, like cats and dogs, instead of looking upon them as conditions, like a dirty and a clean condition, and just as much under our control; or rather as the reactions of kindly nature, against the conditions in which we have placed ourselves? I was brought up to believe that smallpox, for instance, was a thing of which there was once a first specimen in the world, which went on propagating itself, in a perpetual chain of descent, just as there was a first dog, (or a first pair of dogs) and that smallpox would not begin itself, any more than a new dog would begin without there having been a parent dog. Since then I have seen with my own eyes and smelled with my own nose smallpox growing up in first specimens, either in closed rooms or in overcrowded wards, where it could not by any possibility have been ‘caught’, but must have begun. I have seen diseases begin, grow up, and pass into one another. Now, dogs do not pass into cats. I have seen, for instance, with a little overcrowding, continued fever grow up; and with a little more, typhoid fever; and with a little more, typhus, and all in the same ward or hut. Would it not be far better, truer, and more practical, if we looked upon disease in this light (for diseases, as all experience shows, are adjectives, not noun-substantives): – True nursing ignores infection, except to prevent it. Cleanliness and fresh air from open windows, with unremitting attention to the patient, are the only defense a true nurse either asks or needs. – Wise and humane management of the patient is the best safeguard against infection. The greater part of nursing consists of preserving cleanliness. – The specific disease doctrine is the grand refuge of weak, uncultured, unstable minds, such as now rule in the medical profession. There are no specific diseases; there are specific disease conditions.”

From this we can see she did not believe that all these new named diseases were seperate entities at all. They were and are just variations of symptoms of the only three actual causes of sickness. She believed and saw that sickness was caused by environment (the word used in its broadest meaning). She followed the theory put forward by the ‘natural hygiene’ proponents. The word hygiene has also since been usurped by modern medicine to mean ‘killing germs’ when it meant actually clean living as in fresh air, fresh food and a positive attitude/clean thoughts. The word hygiene back then had no link to germs whatsoever. In fact we now know that bacteria are in abundance in fresh fruit and vegetables as they are in our own bodies. All processing including cooking kills the bacteria hence the difficulty in digesting it. Bacteria ARE the digesters. Everyone and everything living has its own micro-biome which break down dead cells into their recyclable parts – the amino acids. Without the bacteria in the living food you eat you may as well eat rocks. If you still believe the stomach digests food in ‘acid’ then you might like to read Robert o’Youngs new explanation of how the stomach really works:
But I’ve digressed a little, let’s get back to those diseases.

What is disease? In general it is a dis-ease. Something is not running smoothly any more. It is a spanner in the works if you want to continue thinking materialistically. It could be a lack of oil in your engine. The wrong fuel or maybe a wire has come loose.

Let’s take a cough as an example. Have you ever accidentally had something ‘go down the wrong way’, you’re drinking and something shocks you into breathing so liquid goes down the pipe to your lungs. I’ve done it a few times and it is awful, you feel like you can’t breathe in as your body will only exhale, a horrible coughing fit until you’re blue in the face. This is your amazing defence system working to prevent liquid from getting into your lungs and drowning you. Would you call that a disease, give it a marketable name? No because you know why it happens and the reason for it. The same process is triggered if too much dust is inhaled and even poisonous chemicals. This is your ‘immune system’ and its ‘symptoms’ doing its thing, expelling stuff which could kill you by clogging everything up or killing your cells/tissues/organs. This is what ‘hygiene’ tries to prevent.

joke yes but too close to the truth of modern medicine

Same thing applies to vomiting, in a way, in that the body will immediately eject what it does not want or cannot digest. There don’t seem to be any specific diseases based on vomiting alone tho, obviously not easily marketed apart from the old thalidomide disaster to supposedly prevent morning sickness in pregnancy. It turns out morning sickness is only our body’s way of keeping out bad food and putting in what the body needs and making it bloody obvious what it wants and what you should avoid. This is obviously more crucial to a foetus full of dividing cells which is when they are most vulnerable to permanent damage. The old saying ‘listen to your gut’ springs to mind. While pregnancy is still not a disease there is no lack of trying to make it one. Midwives are not even allowed to practise in America and how many babies are born outside of the clinical modern medicine setting of hospitals these days? Not many and only by accident.

Skin diseases showing themselves with rashes, poxes and even boils are again the body expelling poisons or waste products through the holes (pores) in your largest organ of the body. Yes your skin is classed as an organ and it is not an impermeable barrier as many would believe. What you put on your skin gets absorbed but if it is poisonous it will be ejected too. Your skin is the first line of defence from all kinds of pollutants. All those chemical cleaners you smother on your face and body, the chemicals you wash your clothes in can be ejected right back out IF the pores are not blocked with dirt or oil that is (think blackheads). Depending on the kind of pollutant and the severity of exposure the symptoms will differ from a bit of itching to massive pustules named smallpox. I wonder why they called it ‘small’pox at the time. Was there ever a BIGpox? Remember that ‘hygiene’ again, clean clothes and skin means washing away those pollutants not smothering your pores with oily creams and such. Clean water and maybe a simple pure soap is all that’s needed to wash the skin clean of harmful pollutants if you’ve been exposed to them and to let them back out if they get in.

I could go on to list other symptoms which would make this too long and complicated suffice to say if the original expelling symptoms are stopped or quashed (which is all that modern medicine seeks to do ultimately) the damage from the pollutants will go deeper, to the organs where they never would have arrived at if you’d listened to your gut, if you get my drift. All the major signs your body is detoxing something, put together will come under most acute disease symptoms and they all begin with the same short list of coughing, sickness, mucus, temperature which put you in the brand name specific diseases of a flu or a cold. ALL diseases start with the same symptoms, look it up, therefore the next phase, if whatever it is being detoxed is blocked by their treatments, will be more intense and be given a new name and brand even though it is the same exact cause and process. Remember those dogs and cats……

The goal of modern medicine is to prevent our body’s innate defence systems from doing their job of expelling, creating deeper and more damaging effects inside the body, therefore creating their new and unnatural ‘specific diseases’ with marketing names and branding. All their drugs are just poisons with brilliant marketing. Allowing those poisons to get through to the organs will put your body into shock. When your body is in shock you will not feel any of the original and obvious symptoms, which although not pleasant are absolutely necessary to protect your organs. So while you may feel better you are actually much more sick, you just don’t know it yet. The next phase of the body’s attempt to fix this situation will be again named and marketed with a new brand of disease to be rinsed for all it’s worth. For example a cough gets suppressed with a new drug, the lungs become clogged with the stuff your cough was trying to expel and you have bronchitis, the cough is again suppressed, the mucus built around the offending pollutants does not get coughed up either and you end up with trouble breathing, asthma, pneumonia all the things the body was trying to prevent of damage to the lung tissues. What we see and feel are worse symptoms trying to prevent the organ failure and death. Inflammation is NOT caused by the body it is caused by the poisons in the body where they shouldn’t have reached injuring the tissues and cells there. Damaged and dead cells have to be cleaned out ASAP. Using an as above so below analogy, look what happens if the garbage men don’t come around and clean the streets, the rats move in to clean up the mess. So it is in the body, garbage has to be dealt with or it will build up and create a polluted environment meaning the big boys have to get in there too. These would be the bacteria always seen at this scenario and blamed for the original mess. The old flies and garbage analogy- the flies do not create the garbage.

The only way to cause diseased organs is to prevent the body protecting them with those excretory pathways or to bypass the excretory system altogether by injecting poisons straight into the body proper. Vaccines have been one of the greatest weapons used against us for this reason. You cannot cough, spew or shit that stuff out once it is in your body. You are in deep trouble. The walls have been breached using a Trojan Horse.

So no-one needs a PHD or doctor’s qualification to understand disease in fact they are just pieces of paper to certify that the owner has read and understood the fairy tale nonsense they have concocted on the foundations of germ theory. All their flowery, latiney, sciencey language is just a magical veil of mystery to cover up the original lie that has been blown out of all proportion. Remember a good liar has to have a very good memory. It’s all a big cover up. None of it is right and none of their learning will help you get permanent relief. Your body is perfectly designed to be healthy and to live to 120. All remote populations who never see a doctor live to over 100 and not as bedbound vegetables with no quality of life either. The common denominator in all the longest living healthy populations are remoteness from ‘civilization’, clean living and most importantly a lack of medical doctors.

So now you know what dis-ease is and is not what are the causes, or as Florence calls them ‘disease conditions’, apart from the obvious already outlined above. My personal list is very short –

Just to make it clearer I can break down this short list of 3 for you;

Toxaemia – poisoning by various methods, eating it, drinking it, breathing it in, rubbing it in through the skin. most of which can be dealt with by the body if it is allowed to. Injected poisons is another matter which could be described as deep or organ poisoning. Even their one supposed miracle of modern medicine -antibiotics- are just poisons. Anything which purports to kill bacteria is going to kill your own cells much quicker because bacteria have their own defence mechanism. Antibiotics don’t kill them they cause them to change (morph). Look up ‘pleomorphism’ which is well known in science but not taught to us plebs. Germs/bacteria can and do change shape and function according to their environment. Fungus is not separate from bacteria it IS bacteria in another form, in fact the form they adapt to for the most toxic circumstances – like an assault of antibiotics. This is why you always see ‘thrush’ after a course of antibiotics. It’s your own bacteria being ‘undead’. If you want to learn more about this germ theory debunking morphing Gunther Enderlein is your man and now more recently Gaston Naessens.

If your blood becomes toxic (brand name ‘sepsis’) you will have a lot of dead and dying (poisoned) blood cells. A dead blood cell no longer carries a charge, the thing that keeps them all repelled from each other like little magnets repel. Once dead or dying they clump into brand name ‘Thrombi’- thrombosis, erm covid-19 or the ‘delta variant’. Some more new brand names for you.

Malnutrition – no I’m not talking about a lack of calories either. Malnutrition is eating the wrong foods/wrong diet (BAD nutrition) and being depleted in nutrients. Remember Scurvy? A lack of fruit caused horrific disease and ultimately death and if you think it was cured or abolished take a look around you. Scurvy is all around us in people who do not eat fresh fruit and vegetables. Just look up the symptoms of scurvy if you don’t believe me. Rotten teeth is one of the first visible signs so why are dentists now telling their trusting customers that fruit rots your teeth?!! Quacks the lot of them!
Dairy was always hailed as building strong bones by medical doctors but it’s been found that dairy actually leeches nutrients FROM the body, specifically calcium which the body uses to buffer the acids created to digest the complex proteins in it. So exactly the opposite is the case, the loss of calcium leads to weaker bones- brand name- ‘Osteoporosis’ a named disease found only in heavy dairy eating countries.
Drugs can also cause malnutrition as it takes a lot of certain amino acids and proteins/enzymes in the body to neutralize the poisons. Here is a comprehensive list of nutrient depletion caused by drugs -

Injury (physical or mental) – ok the first bit is obvious a physical injury causes dis-ease of course but what about the mental aspect? We know the mind can affect the body that’s obvious too although many still refuse to believe even that. Hello, placebo effect anyone? Placebo effect is so well recognized it is actually always supposed to be included in any scientific research of drugs. It is also well known that one can die from a sudden shock if the body is not kept warm and given some sugar (emergency and easily absorbed energy). This is simply explained, the body/mind’s survival was threatened, the sugar is instant food and the warmth gives a feeling of safety and shelter therefore the threat is over. If you are not open to the possibility of the mind causing physical sickness in the rest of the body then you may as well stop reading now and go play pokemon. If you are open then I suggest you take a hard look at German New Medicine which has been empirically proven and verified. Certain shocks to the psyche produce a survival mechanism in the body which modern medicine has perceived as diseases. Many many different specific named and branded diseases. Learning GNM will save you a lot of grief and poisoning to death by the medical protocols they have assigned to some of these healing processes. I am not one to focus everything on one paradigm tho and don’t believe every disease is caused by a shock the ones that are can easily be verified by a brain scan where the GNM shock can be clearly seen. These lesions have been misinterpreted as brain tumors by modern medicine.

Last but not least there is the realm of energy, our body’s electrical system which if ‘injured’ can cause havoc in the body. Think blowing a fuse or tripping a wire. In the case of autism and maybe epilepsy the wires have been stripped of their insulation causing short circuits and cross connections. The body energy field is relatively unchartered territory in the mainstream despite them using electricity on the brain and heart in emergency cases to ‘reset’ things. The heart producing its own currents ties in with Tom Cowans new theory of the heart not pumping at all but producing a vortex. They know that blood cells carry a small negative charge. How else do you think they do not clump together until the charge is lost when they are dead. Lots of people are looking into this aspect of health now. I am only learning now properly about it and just bought my first tuning fork. When my son was young and suffering from asthma attacks after a diphtheria vaccine was shoved down his throat, I took him to alternative practitioners who used reflexology and a machine which had a bunch of crystals in a wand attached to it. I had no idea how it worked but it surely did. This was energy medicine as written about by Raymond Rife and Wilhelm Reich.

Of course their work is heavily censored and as I always say if they don’t want us looking at it, it must be damned-well worth looking at. I use the analogy of electricity as it is easiest to understand but the body’s energy system is more than just electrical, that is only one form of energy we can perceive. There are many other frequencies more difficult to mentally understand or see. Think OM. Think Chinese Chi. Then there are radio waves and beyond……..Remember where I said near the beginning the words ‘resonate with you’? I think they know more than they are letting on huh. Maybe their trojan horse poisons can only resonate with a body already in a certain frequency? That’s how resonance works. Fear is a frequency or it changes the frequency of the body making it more susceptible to illness by resonance. That is another theory which makes more sense than the old germ one. We are now entering into the metaphysical realm where science dares not tread for fear of the curse of ‘woo’. Onwards into the unknown and the unknowable………

There is no easy to find proof of the injuries being caused by EMF’s and this new 5G but you can bet it is a major cause of the mass illness and hysteria going on now. Plenty of proof in the e-book called the Invisible Rainbow available for free here:
There is no way they can let it be known that their new waves might injure us so they invented a new virus and a new disease to scapegoat any of the many possible symptoms when they started switching it on. They even had their branding and products all ready to go with this one as if they knew when and where the trouble would start. (Wuhan was the first trial of the ‘internet of things’.) What an amazing job they’ve done in hoodwinking the whole world, those who weren’t hoodwinked may still be ‘made dead’ soon like the 3 African leaders who all conveniently dropped dead suddenly after refusing the marketed ‘vaccines’. This has to be the biggest marketing ploy in the history of snake-oil sales to date.

In short, and to summarize, all diseases are originally a healing process in the body. Yeh it may be unpleasant for a while but then who enjoys cleaning a cesspit? Who said it will be good clean fun? Always remember no pain, no gain….. no gain and you’re on the scrapheap. Your body and its microbes are not out to kill you and their symptoms are not harming you either. The ‘treatments’ on the other hand can and do kill.

IN A NUTSHELL – Modern medicine and its extensive, ever-growing arsenal of poisons and pharmakeia are producing most of the new dis-eases which they will happily inflict on anyone who willingly offers themselves up to their quackery. Modern medicine has also always produced the scapegoats to cover up for diseases caused by environmental poisons pumped out by big industries coincidentally also owned by the same people who own big pharma and now big tech. EMF’s are possibly to be a new and more deadly ‘pollution’ Stop being deceived. As they preached to us about the other drugs not officially in their marketing scheme – Just say no.

References: For references on germ theory, virus theory and contagion please see my other articles;
Another ‘branded’ ‘disease’ –
On German New Medicine –
On Proper healthy Nutrition –

(Thankyou to Guido Napoli for his editing and spellchecking.)


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