February 25, 2024

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Are Smart Meters Being Used to Blow Up Houses in “Kill Cities” Like Lahaina?

In the video below, this woman is also talking about the use of smart meters to blow up people’s homes. She gets several things wrong (which I will explain below) so it’s clear to me she does not fully know what she is talking about and may be reading from someone else’s notes or script. Still, this video is worthy of your consideration.

Here’s what she gets wrong…

  1. The grid does NOT need to be shut down in order for the evil ones to send frequency pulses through smart meters. Smart meters are pumping out pulsed microwave frequencies 24/7, non-stop ,and this can be easily confirmed with a good EMF meter. These pulses are running through the electrical wiring of the house and into the house 24/7. The pulses are designed to destroy biological functioning and have a special tendency to wreak havoc with the heart (see also here and here), brain, sleep patterns, and neurological system. Nonetheless, despite her ignorant comment about this, if the grid does get shut down, as she woman suggests, this may be a clue that the dark ones are getting ready to create a “natural” disaster and blow people’s homes. So it is a good idea to shut the electric main circuit OFF to your house if the electric suddenly goes out.
  2. 10 gigahertz (10 GHz) is not the same frequency as airport scanner machines. Airport scanner machines operate in higher millimeter wave frequencies that destroy DNA. This article says they operate at 24GHz – 30 GHz (24-30 billion hertz) This article says they can use as high as 3 THz (three trillion hertz). No matter which is correct (I believe the latter is much more accurate), the scanners are very harmful and should be avoided.
  3. 35 gigahertz is not the oxygen absorption frequency. 60 gigahertz is. 60 GHz is definitely not a frequency you want to be exposed to. But then again, we don’t want to be exposed to 35 GHz either. These frequencies are all deadly and do not belong on the Earth.
  4. That concludes my corrective commentary. I have a website you can peruse if you want to learn more: www.RadiationDangers.com and also a book I’ve written about these wireless technologies, all of which are designed to kill.

    Here’s the video…
    And here you can watch it on youtube — at least for now until it gets deleted.

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