February 25, 2024

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My journey into uncovering the Germ Theory lies.


A few years ago, a loved one of mine was misdiagnosed and mistreated by our medical system. They were abused with numerous toxic drugs and unnecessary invasive medical procedures that unfortunately cost them their life after years of suffering under horrific conditions.

Upon trying to discover the best ways to help them through this difficult health crisis, I stumbled upon the lies of Germ Theory and the disastrous state of our “health” care system. I found out about the battle between Antoine BeChamp vs. the plagarist Louis Pasteur. I began to study the differences between Germ Theory and Terrain Theory. I became aware of the influence of the Rockefellers on the creation of our medical establishment. I immersed myself in the work of David Crowe, Stefan Lanka, Roberto Giraldo, The Perth Group, Liam Scheff, Celia Farber, and many others.

Flash forward to 2020 and it became obvious that I could no longer sit on the sidelines while accumulating this information for myself. The world became enthralled in a “pandemic” based on numerous false pretenses and deliberate misinformation/propaganda. We found ourselves in a Testing Pandemic bolstered by FEAR. Too many were acting on inaccurate information from Pharmaceutically-controlled mainstream sources without ever being aware of the fact that there is a much more logical side to this debate. One based upon knowledge and not FEAR.

I decided it was time to share this information on Facebook with friends, family, and whomever needed to hear it. Unfortunately, this has become increasingly difficult in the face of the current censorship. This Orwellian landscape has led me to the creation of this blog. I plan to share the posts I have done on the falicious methods used in Virology, the lack of valid scientific evidence in regards to “viruses” and antibodies, the trickery involved in genomics, the dangers involved with vaccines and various medical interventions, as well as provide information I come across on the best ways to care for ones health naturally.

I am not a doctor, virologist, microbiologist, scientist, etc. Many will use this against me. My educational background is in Health and Exercise Science. I have been a personal trainer, a nutritionist, and currently I am a health/wellness coach. What I share here is based upon years of research and reading from the original studies/sources. I will always do my best to provide the sources for where the information comes from. It is the single greatest advice I took from Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR test currently being misused around the world:

I think it’s simple logic. It doesn’t require that anyone have any specialized knowledge of the field. The fact is that if there were evidence that HIV causes AIDS-if anyone who was in fact a specialist in that area could write a review of the literature, in which a number of scientific studies were cited that either singly or as a group could support the hypothesis that HIV is the probable cause of AIDS-somebody would have written it. There’s no paper, nor is there a review mentioning a number of papers that all taken together would support that statement.” – Kary Mullis

I hope the information I’ve acquired on my journey will help you on your own.

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