March 1, 2024

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Australia: Authorities Give Themselves Power to Remove Children From Parents to Ensure COVID Compliance


Authorities in Australia have given themselves the power to have police remove children from the custody of their parents in order to ensure compliance with coronavirus rules.

Schedule 2 of the COVID-19 Emergency Response Act 2020 amends the Emergency Response Act 2004 to create new powers during “declared emergencies.”

Section 25 of the act states the following;

—Removal of children
(1) Without derogating from section 25, an authorised officer may, for the purpose of ensuring compliance with any direction under that section, remove a child from any premises, place, vehicle or vessel to a place of residence of the child or to a hospital or quarantine facility, as the authorised officer thinks fit (and may, in doing so, use such force as is reasonably necessary).
A child is defined as anyone under the age of 18.


As we have exhaustively documented, the state of Victoria’s coronavirus lockdown is one of the most draconian in the developed world.

Yesterday, authorities in Melbourne announced that they would be using surveillance drones to catch people who don’t wear masks and to keep track of cars that travel further than 5km from home.

Several videos have also emerged of police manhandling and choking women for not wearing masks.

Police have also been given the power to enter people’s homes without a warrant and perform quarantine spot checks.

Drivers are also being asked to show their papers at highway checkpoints simply to get to work.

Anyone caught outside without a mask or violating the 8pm-5am curfew also risks a massive fine.

Australia’s crackdown is rivaled by neighboring New Zealand, which announced last week that suspected COVID infectees and their family members would be held inside quarantine camps against their will for at least 14 days.


4 thoughts on “Australia: Authorities Give Themselves Power to Remove Children From Parents to Ensure COVID Compliance

  1. Actually these Laws have been in place for some time now.
    In 2009 the Department of Social services formed a national framework for protecting Australian children and the history of this pathetic group is appalling.
    If you research Joachim Hagopian’s writings on the worlds Pedophilia cults it would suggest in strong terms that government control of children is not in the interest of the children.
    An example of the governments love for our children is their push for injecting more vaccines into a young childs body contaminated with mercury and other toxins.Is this protecting children.
    The CoVid fear is part of this program.
    It has been said by the Jesuits…. “Give me a child before 7 and I’ll show you the man”.
    Explains it all!

    1. The Australian people have been hypnotised by the TV ever since it deluged our shores and media causing the media to follow suit and insult us with the garbage we endure today.
      I hope they don’t start taking our children as the media will protect the policy makers to ensure a smorgasbord for the pedophiles. England, Belgium, Holland to name just a few Politically censoring of the child trafficking that is rampant.
      If this occurs then for our survival as a race protecting our children we must riot!
      It’s a sick world!

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