February 24, 2024

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Australian Medical Association: Class Action against the AMA for Vaccine Injury

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Why this is important

The health and well being of our beautiful and innocent Australian children are paramount to all Australians.

It’s obvious to anyone with intelligence that there is an epidemic of ill health occurring with children around the World and particularly, with our Australian children which can be traced to Vaccine Injury through multiplying forced application of a large and growing number of untested combined vaccines riddled with known carcinogens and poisons being directly administered into the blood streams of our Australian babies and children.

Modern medical, psychological, health and nutritional sciences have grave questions as to the efficacy of these vaccines and in fact clearly, illustrate that these vaccines are in general unnecessary and poisonous and in fact interfere with the natural immune system of the human being.

We call for a moratorium of forced vaccination of Australian children and the initiation of major testing initiatives in Australia and elsewhere to prove any efficacy of injecting these poisons into our Children.

We are appalled at the support of the Australian Medical Association of these unscientific and abusive injurious procedures causing epidemic harm to our beautiful and innocent Australian Children and demand:

1. The AMA stop all support for these appalling procedures.
2. Pay full and appropriate damages to the Australian Parents and Children injured by these AMA supported procedures.
3. Instigate a full review of these appalling procedures, based particularly on the evidence presented in the film ‘VAXXED’ and the documentation series ‘The Truth about Vaccines’.
4. Place the health and well‐being of our Australian children as paramount before commercial gain by Pharmaceutical and Medical industries and professionals.

If you or your child are vaccine injured and you wish to join the Class Action, please contact [email protected]

We anticipate a NO WIN NO FEE Class Action which will not cost you anything.

3 thoughts on “Australian Medical Association: Class Action against the AMA for Vaccine Injury

  1. “It will not cost you anything”

    How about if every one just gave 1 – $2 coin
    1000 X $2 = $2.000
    2000 X $2 = $4.000
    4000 X $2 = $8.000
    8000 X $2 = $16.000

    How much do you think it will cost ?
    How does one go about collecting money ?
    If everyone had a – cheap – tin – money – box & passed it around among their friends.
    How many $2 coins would fit in a small inexpensive tin money box ?
    If 1.000.000 people gave $2 each it would total $2.000.000.

    1. At my workplace – once upon a time ago – one staff member was collecting money to save the Panda Bears. Every pay day she passed her little money box around & every pay we each put at least $1 in to it. Because she cared so much about the Panda bears & we cared about her.

  2. When banking fee were first introduced – our friend Bruno said – it’s only $2 – who cares.
    I asked “how many customers do you reckon the bank has” – which bank – any bank.
    1 million customers – paying $2 every month nets the bank $2.000 000 every month = $24.000.000 every year.
    10 million customers – paying $2 every month = $20.000.000 every month = $240.000.000 each year.

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