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Australians told to stop eating meat to ‘hit climate change targets’

Cutting down to ‘save the planet’.


Australians will need to give up their weekly steaks and turn ‘flexitarian’ to meet climate change targets and hit net zero by 2050, according to Australian academics.

Aussie meat-eaters are blamed for accelerating the crisis in a new book by Sydney University’s Dr Diana Bogueva and Professor Dora Marinova of Curtin University.

In Food in a Planetary Emergency, the academics insist the meat industry needs to be overhauled if the world is to survive — and that current farming methods are unsustainable.

Rather than growing the grain or the food we need for human consumption, we are growing the grain for the animals – and then eating them.” Professor Marinvoa told the ABC.

‘”That’s a very inefficient and irrational way of feeding the population.”

She says Aussies were ‘addicted to meat’, and needed to slash their intake by 80-90 per cent and turn ‘flexitarian’ — becoming mainly vegetarian with occasional meat.

The book says Aussies need to switch to a diet based on vegetables, legumes, grains, nuts and fruits.

The next step will be ‘environmentally-conscious’ insect protein burgers and meat substitutes.

Statistics show each Aussie ate 89.6kg of meat in 2019, up from 88.2kg in 2000.

Both Scott Morrison and Labor leader Anthony Albanese committed to either eliminating or offsetting carbon emissions by 2050. A 2019 IPCC report encourages a move to plant-based diets.

But Senator Matt Canavan, a Nationals backbencher based in the beef cattle city of Rockhampton, said that under net zero by 2050, meat would become a luxury item.

‘Welcome to your net zero world where you’ll only be able to have a steak, chips and salad once every three weeks or so.”

Food prices would also surge, beyond already high inflation levels, as agricultural fertilisers were phased out.

Meat and Livestock Australia say the beef industry plans to be carbon neutral by 2030.


The Australian red meat and livestock industry has set the ambitious target to be Carbon Neutral by 2030, or ‘CN30’ in industry circles for short.

Agriculture in Australia is now “becoming conscious” of “the need to be long term sustainable”, responding faster than anybody else, according to Meat and Livestock Australia Director, Jason Strong.

“We have the responsibility and the opportunity to feed the world and save the planet at the same time, and that’s what we plan to do.”

According to the program, by 2030, Australian beef, lamb and goat production, including lot feeding and meat processing will make no net release of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.


Technology is also becoming a major contributing factor to this transition, from solar farms to AI robots:

BAEconomics Director, Brian Fisher, said a net zero by 2050 target would further require banning methane gases from cows, unless carbon sequestration technology was developed to store emissions underground.

“If you look at methane, that means you’ve got to deal with burping livestock.”

Re-shaping the future of food was a key topic at the Rockefeller-hosted ‘Building a Healthy Food System‘ Event in 2020, as well as the annual UN Food Summit on the future of industry.

Will predictions for food rations and green-driven climate poverty soon be coming true?

With Labor and Green-backed ‘independents’ now at the helm in Australia, we should expect the Agenda 2030 plan to begin heating up. Instigating change for our ‘safety’ and ‘security’.It is time to disconnect from major corporations and connect with local providers.


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  1. We should close down all universities as they do not produce creative intellectuals any more only brainwashed drones who comply with their sponsors agenda.

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