March 4, 2024

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Bee Pollen Benefits as an Enzyme-Rich Superfood Protein Source


Western Australian bee pollen is the “total package” as it provides all of the nutrients required by humans to function at their optimal level. high in protein, amino acids, vitamins including B complex & folic acid just to name a few.

benefits may include decreased inflammation, improved immunity ,menopausal symptoms , lower cholesterol and reducing anxiety and stress.

Jungle Bee Pollen is sweet tasting naturally harvested in Western Australia one of the least polluted places on earth, we bring it directly from the worker honeybees to you!

Sometimes being referred to as natures perfect food making it a MEGA SUPERFOOD, these little grains are packed with all the essential nutrients that the human body needs Western Australian bee pollen is the cleanest and most sort after Bee Pollen on earth.

PictureThere is no doubt that for thousands of years humans and Bees have been interacting and that the use of of bee products have been a source of food and beneficial health for us, making them a must have for anyone wanting to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle especially in today’s modern world full of refined and processed genetically modified food, this gift that our generous insect friends offer us will give us a life full of strength and vitality.

Acai Smoothie

Natural Bee Pollen has been used in natural medicine for centuries

more for its energizing effects, but apart from boosting the body with energy scientific studies of this Little jewel have proven that bee pollen is an excellent form of nutrients and one of the highest most potent antioxidants of nature.

Bee Pollen is natural product derived from pollen found in flowers, when the pollen is collected by the Bees for there food source it receives a special natural treatment from these amazing Little insects mixing it with nectar and honey, using there legs to fold the pollen mixture as if they where bakers kneading there dough they mix until what we know as pollen grain is produced.

For the Bees as for the humans the pollen constitutes an amazing nutritional value one of the most complete foods on the planet, to such an extent that there are multiple diets with natural Bee Pollen as the soul base of intake with only water and all though this type of diet might sound crazy to some people, the truth is its nutritional value is so complete that it probably isn’t that far fetched.

Acai Smoothie


  • Could be help full in maintaining healthy blood pressure
  • High in Protein
  • Can help lower high blood pressure
  • Can be effective in restoring, building and maintaining body cells
  • Can help to improve mental clarity and memory
  • Can help improve concentration
  • Can help build resistance against allergies
  • Could help aid indigestion
  • Can help with the relief of menstrual and menopausal symptoms
  • Can increase energy and endurance levels
  • Can help building a stronger immune system
  • Can assist in treating arthritis
  • Helps well being and mental alertness
  • Use full eliminating toxins from our body
  • Can help support the nervous system and brain
  • Can help maintain functional heart health
  • Can reduce stress• Can help in increasing libido levels
  • Has been used to treat constipation
  • Can balance hormone levels
  • Can help regulate sleeping disorders
  • Can help improve skin tone and skin health
  • Can be beneficial reducing triglyceride and cholesterol levels


Our natural Bee Pollen is so rich and balanced as a nutrition source due to being constituted of 40% Protein (more protein than any meat) of which at least half of are free amino acids, 28 different minerals, 11 enzymes, 12 vitamins and 14 essential fatty acids practically making it the ideal nutrition powerhouse for humans.

Because of the large concentrated amount of antioxidants found in natural bee pollen this makes it one of the highest if not the highest whole food with beneficial properties. These antioxidants are considered a great weapon to fight against some cancers and human body health as a whole including health degeneration and ageing especially those caused by free radicals.

As you can imagine all these nutrition values make the benefits of Bee Pollen great healthy addition to our natural diet. 

Originally Bee Pollen was used to strengthen the immune system and because of its great natural energy boosting characteristics, but the benefits of natural Bee pollen can be extended to reducing cholesterol, help fight against free radicals, reduce stress, help reduce some allergies, reduce arterial hypertension, as an anti-inflammatory against arthritis pains, help fatigue and insomnia also a natural product that combats against the notable effects of ageing.


Bee pollen is sold and presented in many different forms such as pills or sachets, to get to these type of packaging most of the bee pollen grains will be processed somewhere along the line, Jungle Nutrition guarantees our Western Australian Bee Pollen comes from the worker bee direct to you with no stops in between untouched and assuring you receive 100% of the best most pure bee pollen in the world, therefore also receiving its beneficial nutritional value in its pure state.

When you purchase our Bee Pollen you can feel safe about knowing what you are feeding to your body from a good source.


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