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Bill Gates proposes rapid response team called ‘GERM’ for future pandemics

Bill Gates speaks at TED2022: A New Era
Photo: Ryan Lash / TED


More details on future international responses.


If you’ve already read it, you know Bill Gates’s new book How to Prevent the Next Pandemic is based on the “truth” (Bill’s words) that it’s not a matter of if, but when, the next pandemic will occur.

Pandemics aren’t as rare as we would think, with an estimated 38% probability of experiencing an ‘outbreak’ (or perhaps better put, an operation) like COVID-19 in one’s lifetime.

Disease mongering has been big business for over a century now.

In recent months, we have seen monkeypox be declared a global health emergency, with the Australian Department of Health now stating the ‘science has changed’ and anyone can catch the virus.

Despite emerging from much of the worst the last two years had to offer, scientific paranoia still remains. They are confident (too confident) that another ‘outbreak’ will cripple the world one day.

They say the world was “woefully unprepared” in 2019 — despite holding Event 201 simulations just months prior (shh) — and this “experience” has taught us that we can be ‘better prepared’ in the future.

Bill Gates has stepped forward with a key ‘solution’ that will help the world moving forward.

According to Gates, we need to establish a Global Epidemic Response and Mobilization (GERM) team to tackle any pandemic-like situation when it initially flares up, so we can put out the viral “fire” before it spreads to anything even close to pandemic levels.

If one country notices increasing case numbers of a virus, Gates envisions the GERM team sharing that information internationally to see if other countries notice the same uptick in cases, too.

In an outbreak, Gates’s GERM team would then quickly mobilise ‘solutions’ through a “sophisticated response ecosystem” to “design and bring to market viable diagnostic testing and treatments”.

Gates says many factors played into the pandemic ‘blowing up as it did’, including a ‘lack of adequate testing’, ‘international coordination’ and an ‘extended timeline for a viable vaccine’.

His GERM solution is like a firefighting response, with a team of specialised firefighters prepared and ready to respond. What’s more, we’d have a international network of fire stations prepared as well.

Like fires, it’s not a matter of if, but when, the need will arise.

And, according to Gates, “we would each have a role to play”.

The building blocks have already been laid to manifest this team into an worldwide reality.


Gates’s GERM team may sound like a massive undertaking, perhaps even impossible. But it’s not.

In fact, there are already partial models in place.

The World Health Organization’s Global Influenza Surveillance and Response System already maintains a global database with numbers and flu strain information.

Gates could adopt, even expand, this model for GERM. He is a major funder of the group.

The WHO blueprint currently tracks COVID-19 case numbers, so this is an attainable next step.

Other initiatives, like Wellcome Leap’s R3 program have similar ideas to establish a network of facilities distributed across the world, ready to respond in the event of a ‘pandemic surge’.

Tracking numbers is the first part of Gates’s GERM vision.

The second is a “global ecosystem” to quickly develop and deploy treatments to stem an outbreak before it becomes a pandemic.

The U.S. has something like GERM in place on a national level: The Laboratory Response Network (LRN).

LRN is a network of U.S. labs working as an ecosystem to respond collectively to public health emergencies as well as biological and chemical threats.

To truly make the GERM vision a reality, coordination across companies in the industry is required, and there are several moving parts to implement.

This is where the infiltration of society by unelected world bodies becomes so prevalent, as these groups already have the resources and means to begin to ‘sway’ society to comply.

“Everyone’s collaboration is vital”.


If a system like GERM is to function, there must be a way to rapidly deploy and standardise the diagnostic tools used to detect an ’emerging threat’.

Many of our businesses have a part in streamlining that process.

We have already seen the authoritarian demands of businesses to enforce COVID-19 lockdowns, display correct signage, act in open discrimination, etc. They are the tool to carry out the dirty work.

Another tool is the construction of local mRNA vaccine manufacturing facilities for faster roll out.

This streamlining can ensure that these distributed labs have the latest product ‘version’, quickly.

World health control from off-shore bodies that are transforming our nation. This is the vision.

Think about this scenario: A new outbreak occurs in one country.

GERM flags the outbreak and leverages its ecosystem to quickly develop a diagnostic tool to test and identify positive cases. Then, GERM broadcasts the design to testing facilities across the world.

Immediately, your facilities and others produce exact replicas of the diagnostic assay the same day to begin testing local populations.

People can be tested the same day or within days of receiving the design, without the risk of reliance on external vendors and shipping delays.

This is how they ensure there is no time to think, to react, or to mobilise.

Certainly an interesting plan to ‘propose’ in the direct aftermath of a pandemic already.

What could they be planning?

Either way, I dismissed COVID as another Ebola-like non-event at the beginning of 2020, albeit still calling it a fraud from the start.

Everything changed quickly, however, and whenever a ‘disease’ is brought up moving forward, we should pay attention on the moves that are being made.

Regardless of the ‘realness’ of these ‘diseases’, we know the societal effects can be very real.

Effects caused by governments themselves, such as harsh lockdowns, social segregation, and more.

Let’s ensure we never are subjected to another period like that again.


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