March 3, 2024

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Boycott the airlines

By Jon Rappoport

Any airline that demands proof of a clean COVID test or vaccination before passengers can board a plane—


Don’t fly with them.

Turn their planes into empty shells.

We want freedom.  If they won’t give it to us, don’t pay them a dime.

In late November, that potato head, Alan Joyce, the CEO of Qantas, announced that international passengers would have to show proof of vaccination.  

So start the boycott with Qantas.

Their motto is: “You’re the reason we fly.”  Good.  So now, we’re the reason you fly empty, Alan.  

Yes, Alan, we realize you’re Australia’s largest freight air carrier.  Do you want to curtail that business, create shortages, to put the citizenry into a squeeze play?  See who blinks first?  Try it.  You’ll be out of a job in a month.  

You lock us out, the people lock you out.


Their stock price took a big fall earlier this year.  Went down to 7.  It’s back up to around 20.  If it fell again, to 7 or lower, nerves in their executive offices would start to fray.

As part of the boycott, don’t buy shares of Qantas.  Every publicly traded company needs buyers to maintain their stock price.  

They demand vaccination?  Give them non-participation in their stock.

It’s only fair.  They act like fascists.  Turn your back on them.

Sell any Qantas stock you own.

Don’t buy Qantas stock.

If you’re invested in a fund that spreads out their money among many companies’ stocks, find out if one of those stocks is Qantas.  If it is, get out of that fund and tell them why.

Even if you’re not invested in a fund, research various funds and write them, letting them know you want them to stop putting money into Qantas, or telling them not to put money into Qantas in the future, because the airline is violating people’s freedom. 

Write Qantas and tell them you’re not flying with them.  

Jon Rappoport

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