February 25, 2024

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“NO JAB NO FLY” a message from a Qantas employee

This is a very serious issue that we all need to act on now. This is a message from a Qantas employee that was send to a dear friend.

This is so important and should be taken very seriously … can you publish Alan Joyce’s email and encourage everyone to write to him just a quick email [email protected].

10s or 1000 emails need to be sent to him NOW. Please spread the word and please write a quick email yourself but encourage people, especially frequent flyers to send an email to Alan Joyce .

If you know any Frequent flyer It’s so important immediately that you contact them asking them to contact AJ stating that a vaccine to travel should be choice ALWAYS, not mandated.

It’s important we get momentum on this. As you know being an employee of QF I cannot be seen publicly to be doing this SOME BACK GROUND I have some intel on the Qantas mandate for vax but I can’t comment as I’ll surely lose my job .

Qantas was visited by Jane Halton some weeks ago . She is one of the most satanic public servants I know . She’s on the board of the Covid Advisory Board .

Basically she gave Qantas an ultimatum.. get all employees and passengers in masks and require vaccination certificates for O/S travel and we will allow you to resume international operations .

Masks became mandatory for employees within 5 days of her visit, cloth masks are being made and we are told we will need to wear them as a ‘uniform item’ for 2 years .

Vaccines for employees are going to be part of new work agreement and passenger vaccine Certs to travel by midway through next year .

The only way around this is to be very vocal and write into the company expressing your non consent for travel vaccination .

I’ve been with this company for over 30 years and I can tell you boycotting them after the fact won’t help . but I have seen many proposed changes fall over when customers wrote in and expressed their concerns .

They want customers and they will listen , especially as they are vulnerable right now . But it must be now not later ! Share this with the anyone but please erase my name . Thanks

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  1. Tweet from Australian News

    The Age



    The chairman of Britain’s foreign affairs committee says China’s decision to issue a list of the grievances it has with Australia is “an extremely aggressive act” and could oblige the UK to follow Australia’s lead.

    ‘Not here to be bullied’: UK weighs in on China hitlist







    Stand Up



    On the QANTAS / Qatar story. DID YOU KNOW? QANTAS is part owned by qatar airways. Qatar also part owns a vaccination company. are we putting 2 & 2 together now.

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