April 22, 2024

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Bronwyn Bishop: she acted like a spoilt brat


A former flight attendant has told of his brush with Bronwyn Bishop when she refused to board a flight after she discovered she had not been assigned her preferred seat.

Clayton Long was working on a Perth-to-Sydney Qantas flight in 2000 and claims Ms Bishop delayed take-off by half an hour.

Mr Long, who has almost 30 years of flying experience, told The Sydney Morning Herald the then- minister for aged care was kicking up a fuss because she was not seated in the front row of business class.

When she finally did take her seat, Mr Long said he did his best to make it up to Ms Bishop but she would not be swayed.

‘She wouldn’t take anything. She was like a spoilt child,’ he said.

‘I just thought it was incredible. She’s paid by the Australian taxpayer. 

‘To even get into her mind that she’s entitled to a particular seat just floors me.’

But Ms Bishop’s spokesman Damien Jones denied the alleged incident happened.

‘We take whatever seats we’re given,’ he said.

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