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Calling on the Governor of Victoria to dissolve the Victorian Parliament

Lets Do Everything We Can To Expel This Disgusting Grub 

129,125 have signed so sign the petition Here 

We are calling on the Governor of Victoria, Linda Dessau, to exercise her powers and dissolve the Parliament of Victoria and call a State Election.

The reason for this is Victorian Labor Government in undemocratic. The directions relevant to COVID 19 that it has implemented are unconstitutional and do not satisfy the requirements of representative government. None of the directions were passed through the houses of Parliament.

The Victorian government is now acting beyond power and everything that it does is unlawful.

If the Governor of Victoria believes in her role then she should act now and dissolve Parliament.

sign the petition Here 

3 thoughts on “Calling on the Governor of Victoria to dissolve the Victorian Parliament

  1. Disgusting grub is a poor description of this psycho.
    We need a Manchurian Candidate.
    Lead in the head is the only solution.

  2. Thank you – just signed it. I would love to have hope in someone like her, and she is about the only one who has the power to do something huge. The Governor though is a J** chosen by the government. She hasn’t done it for the previous extensions but refused to dissolve this government. She should be our safeguard. Unfortunately she is part of the crime so to speak.

  3. There is no political solution to the world’s problems right now – the encroaching dictatorship.

    Besides mass non-compliance, we really should have these psychos ‘taken out’.

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