December 5, 2023

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“Freedom Day” Is a Joke


There’s been a lot of talk of “Freedom Days” lately, with New South Wales and Victoria emerging from their prolonged, gruelling lockdowns. Mainstream news reports reveal an excited, vibrant polis rejoicing in regaining their freedoms and returning to “normal.” Perhaps the nightmare of lockdowns can now recede into memory.

Except, Victoria and New South Wales are not back to normal, are they? In the latter state, people who have decided not to be vaccinated against covid are still ordered to remain confined in their homes – barred from entering restaurants, cafes, gyms, etc.

Whatever happened to medical treatments being voluntary and free from coercion? That should always be the case, even if the novel covid vaccines were the safest vaccines in the world and there had been no reported side effects whatsoever. Of course, that is clearly not the case. I personally know many people who have had loved ones suffer from severe adverse reactions, and it seems that everyone I talk with has a similar story.

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