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Canadian Psyop Exposed! We Have A Serious Illegal Immigrant Issue But That’s All A Part Of The Plan!



There is currently a psychological operation being waged on the Canadian people right now

as the open vs closed border debate intensifies on all sides of the political spectrum. It doesn’t matter if you’re a conservative or a liberal or a libertarian either way chances are you have a strong opinion about border control, or the lack there of and

in this video

Dan Dicks of Press For Truth explains that this is by design and the endgame solution or the order to come from the chaos will be an eventual one world government.


2 thoughts on “Canadian Psyop Exposed! We Have A Serious Illegal Immigrant Issue But That’s All A Part Of The Plan!

  1. George Soros.
    It\’s George Soros.

    Not the US government.
    Not the Canadian government.
    Not the UK government.
    Not the German government.
    Not the French government.

    And you know – it\’s even better than that – it is the inbred ibicilic – Royals / aristocracy / blue bloods / elite – & not the political arena at all – the politician is – for all intensive purposes EXPENDABLE.
    A meant to look legitimate.

    Is it really about a One World Order ?
    Or is it opps: by the West to take over the assets / natural resources of the Middle East, Africa, Turkey, Russia, the Asia Pacific Region ?
    Kaching !!!
    Kaching !!!
    Kaching !!!

    I do not believe that they – Our Self Appointed Lords & Masters / The International Organised Crime Syndicates – have any plan to take over the \”people\” except to have us live as poverty stricken fringe dwellers on the outskirts of their oil & gas fields & pharmaceutical / chemical factories / foods production manageries.
    They do not want that responsibility ……

    The Return of the Peasant:
    Money / The Sacred Almighty Buck – was never meant to be in the hand of the filth that is peasantry.
    The lowly peasant is not worthy to be alive only that they can be put to use.

    This is not eugenics – it is wholesale slaughter by the SALIVATING PSYCHOPATH SERIAL KILLER toting a gun & calling out to their prey …
    \”Come out, come out wherever you are.\”

  2. Pretty Boy Justin Trudeau, is quite happy to go along with any orders he is given, sincerely believing that he has a seat at the round table of the One World Order.
    That he is a blood brother to the Divine Chosen Ruling Class.
    Poor fool he.
    Justin Trudeau comes in all shapes & sizes & many colors & is tossed away like the trash that he is.

    We have our heads stuck in the fairy stories & myths that have permeated out sensibilities since way back when.
    We worship them & firmly believe that they are the Chosen of the Divine & we bow & scrape to them.
    Some of them can’t even put two words together to order a pizza & yet we swoon at the sound of their grunt.
    Go Figure.

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