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Chemtrail fibers or something else?


(NaturalNews) One of the joys of running a forensic science laboratory is that people are always sending me mysterious things to be tested.

Recently, a fan collected “strange fibers” falling out of the sky in North Texas. This was reported in All News Pipeline in an article entitled “Mysterious ‘Substance’ Falls From The Sky In Texas And Arizona – Exclusive Reader Photos.”

As the first step in the analytics process, I’m publishing these microscopy photos, taken on a digital lab microscope at various magnifications (noted in each photo, below).

High-end organic chemistry instrument coming online soon

Presently, our laboratory is in an expansion phase and we are installing new instruments which promise to be especially informative on the composition of this substance. In particular, we have an HPLC system that’s about to go live, allowing us to isolate the organic molecules of this substance and take a quantitative measurement of their presence. HPLC is “Liquid Chromatography.”

I plan to publish the HPLC results on this substance before the end of this year, allowing the public to view and possibly help interpret the results. The HPLC should nail it.

For now, we have the microscopy photos shown below. Based on these photos, what do you think this substance is? Add your comments below this article.

From the person sampling it:

These filaments were as high as approximately 35′ to 50′ above the ground, gently floating from west to east. I didn’t see any floating past me below the trees. The sky was blue and cloudless, except for some wisps of contrails or chem-trails. The previous 3 days in this area we were HEAVILY chem-trailed, especially at night.

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