April 23, 2024

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Childcare centres can exclude unvaccinated children after Queensland laws passed

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NOTE: Watching the slimy, disgusting politicians on TV saying that QLD children will now be safe & protected from the unvaccinated made me feel sick. 

CHILDCARE centres will be able to exclude unvaccinated children from next year after both sides of State Parliament uniting today to pass “no jab, no play” laws for Queensland. google_ad_section_end(name=story_introduction)

The move is part of a drive by the government to increase the rate of immunisation in Queensland from its current 91 per cent rate to 95 per cent in a bid to achieve “herd immunity”.

It is estimated that up to 35,000 Queensland children aged five years and under are not properly immunised.

Health Minister Cameron Dick thanked the parliament for supporting the new laws, which were promised by Labor before the January election.

“Immunisation has long been recognised as one of the most successful public health interventions introduced in Australia, enabling community health to be maintained and protected by reducing and eradicating vaccine-preventable conditions,” Mr Dick told the House.

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The new laws give those in charge of approved family day care services, kindergarten services, long day care services, limited hours care services and outside school hours care services the option to refuse, cancel or place a condition on the enrolment or attendance of a child who is not vaccinated or up to date with their scheduled immunisations.

They will come into effect from January 1.



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