April 17, 2024

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‘Chinese-born population could exceed English-born population in Australia for first time’


Australia’s permanent migration levels have dropped to their lowest in a decade under the Morrison government, however, net overseas migration sits at 230,000 – the highest in our history.

Speaking to Sky News The Australian’s Adam Creighton said over the last five-year numbers of people moving from China has increased by 50 per cent while the Indian migrant rate has risen to 56 per cent.

Mr Creighton said if we were to assume growth continues at the same rate over the next five years, “the Chinese-born population could exceed the English born population in Australia for the first time”.

Over the past five years, the rate of growth for the Indian-born population was around 56 per cent – about nine times faster than the overall population.

He said the “skew” of the “generous” immigration program is shifting to the lower-skilled, which sees downward pressure on wages for low-skilled jobs across the board.

Source: https://www.skynews.com.au/details/_6085199073001

9 thoughts on “‘Chinese-born population could exceed English-born population in Australia for first time’

  1. I’ve seen the Indian population, they are definitely here.
    I may live in the wrong neighborhood, where have the Chinese moved to?

    It is speculated that East Melbourne, some of Fitzroy, North Melbourne & Carlton will be redeveloped over the next 15 years.
    Up we go ladies & gentlemen.
    AND ……….
    We are getting BIG, BRAND NEW HOSPITALS, the cesspool that St Vincent’s hospital is, will be replaced by a brand new & multifaceted hospital which will include Private suites – eye & ear will become a part of mainstream hospital services & not exclusive to itself, ENT & a lot more.

    And the medical professionals will come to work in these new hospitals, FROM OVERSEAS & from all over the world. We are about to become truly international.

    The rubbish that we have had to tolerate as Australia’s Medical Professionals will be on the DOLE CUE.

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        It’s been that long

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    “Ye, Ye It was alright”
    Success – no more plastic bags
    Must dash, need to put shopping away.

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    Isn’t that a happy story.
    SAFEWAY hire out to a private delivery service.

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    You would be surprised what you can afford if you try.

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