April 17, 2024

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Cologne Imam: Raped Women Were Asking for It Because They Wore Perfume and Were Half-Naked


This is what the war on women really looks like.

The Imam of a Salafist mosque in Cologne, Germany has a very good explanation about why a mob of 1,000 Muslims groped, assaulted, and raped women on New Year’s Eve.

They were asking for it.

That’s not surprising. As Bernie Sanders has informed us, women fantasize about being gang-raped all the time. So why wouldn’t they be asking for it on New Year’s Eve?

In this case, though, the women were “asking for it” by wearing perfume and prancing around in skimpy attire.

While speaking to Russian TV, Imam Sami Abu Yusuf wretched forth the following: “[T]he events of New Year’s Eve were the girls own fault, because they were half naked and wearing perfume. It is not surprising the men wanted to attack them. [Dressing like that] is like adding fuel to the fire.”

“Adding fuel to the fire?” Okay, but who started the fire?

[Cue Billy Joel music]

Anyhoo, the Imam is blaming the victims. You might think that’s a bit backwards, misogynistic, demeaning, and generally stupid.

Okay, but that’s what you infuse into your culture when you open the borders to Muslim immigrants.

Something to think about, feminists.



5 thoughts on “Cologne Imam: Raped Women Were Asking for It Because They Wore Perfume and Were Half-Naked

  1. We should ask this psychopathic prick……. what about the ancient tribal systems where men and woman did their daily tasks in semi and naked attire.
    Would he and his sick clan rape and harm these woman.
    This is the evil filth promoted by these psychopaths and one must wonder what they do in private…… Gus

    1. Hi Gus,
      I would not worry about it too much – if you follow Islamic scripture you realise that this man is misrepresenting the Koran & it’s teachings. this man & others like him will come to a sticky end at the hands of the true desciples of Muhammad .
      It is not reported in M.M.M. but quite a few Imams – have been sen as tratior to the faith & the cause – have turned up dead – as is the tradition of Islam.
      This guy lives in free Germany – he is not long for this world – I bet.
      Stay cool man.

    2. Did you see the article on Aletho News website –
      Chief Israeli Rabbi Shmuel Elyahu announced Tuesday, on Facebook that Palestinians should be executed in order to establish safety in Israel.
      Gus, this is the same kind of nut job.
      I am R/C, the Vatican has it’s loons also.
      What is it about organised religion that lends itself to the dark side of humanity.
      Once upon a time the Witchdoctor (organized religion) was useful to the ruling elite – you were deemed a witch & burned at the stake if you bucked the system.
      Victoria abolished the law against witchcraft 2004 – so we are safe from them today – not in Saudi Arabia alas.
      The sooner the establishment realises that the Witchdoctor has lost the magic trick, the sooner they will pull their funding, from the organised religions, the sooner they will vanish into obscurty.

  2. The concern I have RD is that it’s the psycho’s that seem to make the reality.
    We witness this also in the Judaic beliefs as there are many Jews opposed to the psychopathy of Talmudic Zionism……. Gus

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