April 20, 2024

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Combating Vaccine Extremism in America

NVIC’s Barbara Loe Fisher discusses the public/private partnership between government and the vaccine industry that is actively restricting vaccine choice and informed consent rights. In response, people are rallying across America to protect choice and funds are needed for NVIC to continue to support these efforts. Donate to NVIC today at www.NVIC.org and sign up today for action alerts about legislation in your state to restrict your rights at www.nvicadvocacy.org.

1 thought on “Combating Vaccine Extremism in America

  1. The English, French and Russian Revolutions were created and finance by Corporations. Leading these Corporate conglomerates are the Rothschildes who have become trillionaires by creating revolutions, wars and conflicts.
    It seems that wars just do not kill enough people so these same Corporate giants are now using poisons that destroy our young and make adults infertile.
    It certainly is slower at the beginning but this process of population reduction compounds per generation and once these poisons are administered via our consciousness profit orientated allopathic medicine Guru’s then it’s merely a matter of sitting back, counting the profits and waiting for the numbers to drop…… Gus

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