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Did Berejiklian Turn her Back On The People Of NSW?

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A creepy image appeared before the opening game of the State of Origin showing NSW premier Berejiklian pretending to watch the game while holding an unopened can of diet cola.

In the image, Berejiklian is seen wearing a NSW blues beanie along with a NSW blues scarf with the image trying to show that she is watching the game with us in excitement.

Berejiklian has been a popular figure in NSW because she has managed to keep the state open without locking down every 5 minutes because someone sneezes. see here

What we are now witnessing is a Melbourne or Andrews style lockdown in large parts of NSW with these zones, including Sydney going into more harsh lockdown for a completely fake virus.

This is absolutely a war against small business, families and our way of life with Sydney about to head down the same exact path as Melbourne.

This image of traitor Berejiklian got me thinking as i started thinking that it seemed very symbolic and that she is turning her back on the people of NSW.

Why wouldn’t she just face the cameras for a footy photo opportunity and politicians always’ do this as they need to instill trust into the community. so it’s very rare to see an image like this.

It’s my personal opinion that this is intentional and she has been given the lockdown orders by her dark masters and in this image is turning her back on the people.

They are warning us of what lies ahead symbolically and just a couple of weeks later outrageous new lock downs have been enforced on the people of Sydney and surrounds.

This obviously implies that these maggots are well aware of what’s going on and that these tyrants are following orders so it has nothing to do with protecting the public from a fake virus.

These lock downs will cripple many small businesses, communities, families and drag many under the COVID mud so we need the people to stand up now and strike back with some rage.

Take of those dirty masks, don’t use QR coding systems, go out to enjoy your life and totally ignore this insanity.

I do feel that these latest lock downs are punishment because the people of Sydney have been doing just that so we need to stand up together, support businesses, communities and see this for what it really is, a total fucking con job.


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