April 22, 2024

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The Draconian lock-downs continue across Sydney and surrounds with millions being ordered to stay inside or face fines from a heavy police presence.

With low jab and testing rates across the state our puppets for the New World Order are now going into propaganda overdrive to get more jabs into arms as quickly as possible.

Sydney’s Western Suburbs are being targeted by a massive police blitz to enforce lockdown measures and intimidate the MILLIONS of residents who live in this part of Sydney.

NSW Police will deploy more than 100 additional officers across south-west Sydney to enforce standing public health orders, it was announced today.

NSW police are concentrating on specific areas of Sydney’s west to make it appear as if they have far more officers than they really do so it appears to be a bluff.

Many residents feel terrified by the mass police presence so by police flexing their muscles in a few locations it will send out a message to the rest of Sydney, stay inside and obey our orders.

NSW police are now dictating where you go, how you get there, who you meet, what you buy, how long at each location and if you may be committing “thought crimes”

Assistant Commissioner Tony Cooke said officers will be patrolling shopping centres and other hubs to ensure people are only leaving the house for “essential” reasons.

“The question will be…what’s your reasonable excuse for being here? You don’t need that pair of shoes today,” he said.

NSW police Assistant Commissioner, Tony Cooke says that if you are out and they catch you buying a pair of shoes and “BIG BROTHER” decides that you are shopping for non essential items then they will arrest you on the spot, arrest you?

This over the top and disgusting abuse of power really shows how desperate the system is becoming to maintain order and control over our lives.

It seems that many people are now becoming deeply suspicious about the COVID-19 PSYOP and starting to see that perhaps this really has nothing to do with some fake virus and is more about control.

The NSW Government are losing BILLIONS of dollars right now while they try to desperately get the vaccine rates up to a desirable level.

Every second that these ridiculous lock downs continue we see more pain and suffering inflicted on the people of Sydney and NSW with businesses destroyed and communities ruined.

Isn’t it incredible that the state Government are going through all this torture just to get jabs into arms?

Millions of people in Sydney and surrounds are now being held hostage against their will as punishment for low vaccine rates which stand at under 10% with the population of NSW being 8.166 million.

COVID vaccination hubs are largely empty with very few death shots being administered and testing sites have been very popular but the amounts of tests being conducted still seem very low to me.

The Andrew’s regime in Victoria unleashed a testing blitz last year with great success as the false positives and made up numbers of infections triggered his massive but well planned lock downs.

Many people here in Sydney and NSW are starting to see the clear similarities between what was done to Melbourne and what’s being done to Sydney in this moment.

We know that we could only be in the early stages of lock downs and that this could stretch out until August or even later this year unless the vaccine rates go up sharply.

We the people are being threatened by a criminal and treasonous  Government who are hell bent on getting us all jabbed with experimental technology but this approach is only making more suspicious.

The story about fake viruses and variants that can jump through hoops and perform magic tricks is being used as a tool to engineer higher vaccination rates but who is buying this crap anymore?

The COVID-19 carnival freak show is starting to look tired and thin as the Government desperately dig their own graves in front of a suspicious public.

Prime Minister SCO-MO has even deployed Military Intelligence to use weaponized COVID propaganda against the Australian public to sell more shots.

We are being constantly threatened that our old lives can only appear back into focus if we get vaccinated and that your next great adventure awaits you if you just take one shot.

Australia is about to get hit with the biggest COVID vaccination propaganda campaign imaginable…

There will be celebrity ball jugglers, TV con-men, armies of volunteer door to door spy’s with glossy pamphlets and it will start to look like a zany cartoon to many.

We will also see more enforcement measures and scare tactics by the Government with many big companies forcing workers into a corner to get jabbed.

I honestly cannot say what the rest of this year will bring but what i do know is that Australia has one of the lowest COVID jab rates on earth and we need to keep it that way.

The more we as a nation are pushed to get injected with with something we don’t want the weirder it’s going to get until we come out the other side of this.

What our future looks like depends on what we do now and these monsters cannot force us to be inoculated but they sure can make our lives very hard to live so this is all part of their game.

If most of the Australian population stay clear of these COVID shots then i am guessing the lock downs will continue until we all eventually just roll over and submit to the beast system by getting a jab in our ass.

If we continue to call their bluff and stay strong through this storm then we could find ourselves in a much better situation by the end of this year unless the cyber attacks are unleashed which is a whole other ball game.

Government, health officials, police and all others involved in this criminal takeover of our land are not only commiting treason but also genocide against the people and will pay.




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