February 25, 2024

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‘Don’t you dare’: South Australian govt’s decision to remove ANZAC Day slammed


The South Australian government has removed the name Anzac Day and replaced it with ‘25 April’ a day “fixed as a public holiday”.

Sky News host Erin Molan says “little innocuous actions” that seemingly don’t matter actually do.

“This is how those who seek to change our way of life, influence our values, demonise our history and threaten our very existence, begin their campaigns,” she said.

Ms Molan said veterans already feel “unappreciated, undervalued and even despised” in some quarters.

“ANZAC Day is for them – it’s sacred, it’s our annual reminder of the sacrifices made to keep us safe, the lives given in our honour, and the least we can do is write it on a bloody calendar,” she said.

“You can try and ban Christmas songs at primary schools because apparently, they aren’t inclusive, my God, but don’t you dare touch ANZAC Day – over my dead body.”

Source: https://www.skynews.com.au/opinion/dont-you-dare-south-australian-govts-decision-to-remove-anzac-day-slammed/video/840772abd10f52af37796e4481eabc83


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