April 24, 2024

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Doom Masters And The Mass Awakening With Allona Lahn

 i chat with Allona Lahn as we continue to break down the COVID-19 PSYOP of 2020.

We discuss all the latest alternative news, main stream media propaganda and take a look at the insanity taking place in the state of Victoria, Australia.

Also, we talk about the Andrew’s Labor Government’s insane grab for power and how the Australian people need to to stand up and stop this madness before it’s too late. 

Allona is a candidate for the QLD state elections, Nicklin District and you can find out more information here.

If you would like to get in touch with Allona then you can do that here.

Allona Lahn

Natural Health Advocate and Freedom of Choice Ambassador
Nicklin District, 31st October 2020
Allona Lahn is a former successful businesswoman living on the Sunshine Coast. Her passion now is in being a mother, a community leader and a ‘Natural Health Advocate and Freedom of Choice Ambassador’.
Allona is fearless and outspoken and is concerned about the poisoning of the earth, our food, water, air, people and animals. Allona supports natural therapies and medicines including medicinal cannabis, natural birthing practices, community schooling, community hubs, organic foods and farming and sustainable energy. Her ultimate goal is to create a united, healthy, loving, sustainable, future for all.

Commitment to Community and Choice


As part of her voluntary work as a community spokes person and leader, Allona has travelled around Australia to host events, discussing natural health, freedom of choice, vaccination and community issues. Allona has helped create support and information networks, connecting people around Australia concerned about the erosion of rights, the health of our children and Australia’s future.

Allona coordinates a Sunshine Coast community hub, which includes a children’s learning co-op and playgroup, regularly hosting and organising coffee chats for parents, family events and both public and private talks in her local area.On November, 2nd 2015 at the Social Services Legislation Amendment (No Jab, No Pay) Bill 2015, senate enquiry, Allona spoke out against the violation of human rights due to the unnecessary coercion, discrimination, segregation, financial blackmail and stress the No Jab, No Pay policies will, and now has, inflicted upon low income families [1].

Strength, Truth and Transparency

Allona will be a strong voice for the people demanding truth and transparency; Allona believes it is time to investigate Australia’s mass drugging agenda with vaccination and fluoride being first and foremost. Australia needs independent inquiries into the ill health epidemic, corruption in Government and corporations, media bias and bullying, censorship, vested interests and political spending.

It is time to get back on track, honour the will of the people and once again make Australia the great country it once was.

The time for change is now, as Australia cannot sustain the current path.


Account Name:Allona Lahn
BSB: 064817
ACC: 10060059


Those seeking medical advice should consult medical professionals without delay. Consult trusted professionals to clarify and verify related issues. The author is not an authority. He is a critic of authority. His research addresses apparent contradictions and is designed to cultivate discussion.

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