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HELLSTORM With Thomas Goodrich, Paul English & David Gahary

On this very special podcast show, I plug in with author, Thomas Goodrich to promote and chat about his incredible book, “Hellstorm” The Death Of Nazi Germany 1944-1947.

Also, we are joined by, Paul English who narrated the Hellstorm audio book and Dave Gahary of Money Tree Publishing who is publishing this incredible package.

Dave Gahary of Money Tree Publishing has published a new edition of the book, “Hellstorm”.


Millions murdered . . . Millions raped . . . Millions tortured . . . Millions enslaved . . . Millions of men, women and children cast to the winds.

No matter what you have read about the Second World War, no matter what you have been told about it, no matter what you believe happened during the so-called “Good War” . . . forget it!

Now, for the first time in over 70 years, learn what the war and “peace” looked like to those who lost.

Discover what was done to Germany and her people in the name of “freedom, democracy, and liberation.”

In their own words, in graphic detail, this is their story . . .

The Biggest Cover-Up In History

This documentary tells the tale that the victors still do not want you to know.

Please click on the image below or here to find out more information and to purchase the book, audio book, DVD or the entire package.

Money Tree Publishing. 

“Everyone who has read the book is shaken to some degree. Whether you read it, hear it or see it, Hellstorm is an experience you are unlikely to ever forget.”

—Paul English, narrator

You can connect with, Paul English over on GAB


2 thoughts on “HELLSTORM With Thomas Goodrich, Paul English & David Gahary

  1. Erich Fromm; “The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness”. (P26)
    However, man differs from the animals by the fact that he is a killer; he is the only primate that kills and tortures members of his own species without any reason, either biological or economic, and who feels satisfaction in doing so. It is this biologically nonadaptive and nonphylogenetically programmed, malignant aggression that constitutes the real problem and danger to mans existence as a species.
    Reading Tom Goodrich’s book will leave you in no doubt that Fromm is correct.
    Man is not only destroying his own but with his ignorant venture into global geoengineering, weapons of mass destruction including the destruction of the human immune system via vaccines could destroy the planet and life on it.
    We are facing problems, not from nature, but man himself and reading Tom Goodrich’s book. “Hellstorm” will allow a window into mans relentless pursuit of self destruction.

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