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hqdefaultRima E. Laibow, MD

I am most interested in the Australian Sex Party’s response to the No Jab No Pay/Play laws recently passed by various Australian legislative bodies.

First, I am pleased to know that there is an Australian Sex Party and I hope someone invites me to it.

Second, I am glad that, by inference, at least, the Australian Sex Party believes in personal responsibility,

safe sex and consensual acts that do not violate personal freedom and show the exercise of personal


However, in the areas of its greatest concern, I trust that the Australian Sex Party makes sure that its facts, and therefore its premises, are correct before drawing conclusions and setting policy about sexual matters for its supporters. It would be well to do the same regarding vaccination issues which affect so many more people than sexual issues do since few children are actively engaged in sexual behavior (which, of course, makes the administration of a neonatal Hepatitis B shot absurd) while all Australians are being menaced with vaccine mandates, requirements and  coercions.

You state, “As members of our community, and beneficiaries of the privileges provided by the community, we have an obligation to ensure that exercising our freedom does not put others at undue risk.” as if not vaccinating  oneself or one’s child puts someone at risk. See, for example,  paying particular attention to the 19 peer reviewed references in the article.

The scientific, not propaganda, reality is that it is the VACCINATED, not the UNvaccinated, who put others at risk since all viral vaccines can lead to active shedding of infective particles.  In fact, the US CDC on its website notes that the primary cause of polio is polio vaccination for this very reason.  The same is true of every viral disease: it is spread by the vaccinated, especially the newly vaccinated.  How long “newly” lasts is not at all clear.  One unfortunate fellow in the UK has been shedding infective viral particles since his polio vaccination more than 30 years ago.

For bacterial diseases like pertussis (B. pertussis), the administration of vaccines changes the epidemiology of the disease so that, for example, whooping cough, a disease primarily of toddlers and pre-school children in the past (whose breathing apparatus is larger, reducing the mortality of the disease) is now being seen in  infants, who are more susceptible  to a fatal outcome. Pregnant women are receiving vaccines against this and other diseases, reducing the immune vitality which they have to pass to their infants and accepting into the infant’s body and their own substances which have never been tested for reproductive or fetal safety.

The supposed microcephaly outbreak in Brazil allegedly caused by Zika Virus appears, in reality, to have been caused by the untested, but government mandated, administration of a Tetanus-Diptheria-acellular Pertussis (TDaP) vaccine to  every woman in Pernambuco, the region of the malformation cluster, before  her 22nd week of pregnancy.  The same number of people in the general population who are positive for Zika Virus, less than 10%, were positive among the afflicted mothers and babies: less than 10%. 

But if vaccination worked, which the science, not the propaganda, makes clear is not the case; the vaccinated would be able to scoff loftily at the unvaccinated since they, the vaccinated, would be immune from the illness of the unvaccinated.

The fact is the measles vaccine was declared a failure by the Mayo Clinic several years ago.  Pertussis vaccine has been shown to be a dismal failure years ago (which is the reason that the totally unscientifically supported “booster” programs are initiated.  Since it isn’t working, let’s give more of it!)

The flu vaccine is a more than a dismal failure, as even WHO and CDC have been forced to admit.  The list goes on and on.  Mumps?   Merck, the manufacturer, apparently added dog antibodies to be able to demonstrate effectiveness in the laboratory (this is the subject of a major Federal legal action in the US right now).

It is important to remember that the seemingly obvious belief that vaccines prevent illness is simply not supported by fact. This is not surprising, considering that the “research”  “showing” that they do is commercial research, paid for directly and indirectly, by the beneficiary of the conclusions.

To make this point clear I commend the work of Professor A. Maniotis to you.  He showed that the best way to predict outbreaks, epidemics and pandemics is to track vaccination programs.  To paraphrase Freud, where vaccination is, there shall outbreak (or worse) be. So if the vaccinated spread disease to the unvaccinated, we agree: it IS a matter of personal responsibility to sequester/quarantine  yourself or your child after being vaccinated until you have been proven to cease shedding viral and other infective particles. 

I would hope that would be a plank in the Australian Sex Party’s campaigns all over Australia. Responsibly practicing safe post vaccination  restrictions are, indeed, essential to the common good.

You further state “Knowingly and willingly putting one’s own child and others at risk of dangerous and preventable diseases is irresponsible, reckless, and antisocial. The Australian Sex Party does not believe that those who choose not to participate in our collective enterprise of disease prevention should be rewarded with tax benefits or rebates.”

Again, I fully agree. That means that, as above, those who knowingly and willingly put their own child and others at risk by vaccinating them are behaving irresponsibly, recklessly and antisocially since they are exposing their children to the development of disease (consider, for example, the death rate from pertussis in South Korea where the vaccination is mandatory and the coverage rate exceeds 98.5%. According to official South Korean data, since that coverage rate was achieved, the death rate has climbed by 13000% so those regulators and parents have, indeed, exposed their children recklessly to illness and death.  Unvaccinated people there as well would  be exposed to infective particles with an additional increase in pertussis morbidity and mortality, as has been seen in numerous other  places since it is the vaccinated who share the disease. 

China, with total measles vaccination in the entire population, has frequent outbreaks of measles.  Consider the Florida school where all of the whooping cough victims were vaccinated.  Or the New York Measles outbreak where the proband (index case) was a fully vaccinated woman.

This disease incidence in the vaccinated is a common occurrence, not a rare one.  Even official sources document that vaccination does not protect  against disease.  So, what exactly, would the point of that procedure be?

I am sorry to tell you, Australian Sex Party, but since your facts are wrong, your conclusions are wrong.  Dead wrong.

Consider, too, the fact that among the Indian children vaccinated against polio in the thirteen months before India was declared a Polio Free Country by WHO and CDC, there were 53,700 documented cases of children developing a disease from the virus in the vaccine which was, none the less, labeled NON POLIO Acute Flaccid Paralysis instead of Acute Flaccid Paralysis (the scientific name for polio) to protect the status of India and the use of polio vaccines. This vaccine-acquired disease was twice as likely to kill as the indirectly transmitted, but still vaccine related, disease.  See  for more details, references, etc.

Your position repeats the notion that those who endanger others should not receive public contributions, nor should they be permitted to  use child care services.  I absolutely agree and, in fact, could not agree more.

Those who subject their children and pressure others to subject their children, in despite of the clear wording of the Australian Constitution and the superseding international law as clearly stated in the Geneva Convention, to the known dangers of vaccination should not be permitted to congregate with others while they and their contagious/infectious children should be sequestered  from others and any social benefits should be removed.

Quite so!

Children who are vaccinated are far more likely to develop autism and a host of other neurological consequences according to, among  other things, the more than 100,000 documents, including original data sets for research conducted at US taxpayer expense,  submitted to US Representative Posey by William W. Thompson, PhD, a senior author on the deceptive cover-up studies of DeStefano et. al.

Dr. Thompson’s research showed, as did many others, that male children, especially black ones, 36 months of age and younger who received  MMR vaccines were many times more likely than other children to develop autism. This, of course, makes sense when you consider that the  detoxification system’s first line of defense, the Cytochrome P450 system, is not mature until about 36 months of age leaving babies  before that age more susceptible to aluminum, mercury and other poisoning.

It is worthwhile noting that although Leo Kanner, MD, was the first person to use the term “Autism” in his 1943 paper, he spent over a  decade during the 1930s developing a catalogue of every known neurological disorder and disease along with a distinguished team of  colleagues. Nowhere among the entries in that catalogue is there a single mention of anything remotely resembling autism.  In his  foundational article on autism he speculates that the disorder he noted as ‘autism’ appeared in every case within a short period  following smallpox vaccination and he suggested that the correlation between the two needed urgently to be investigated.

On the matter of quality research, you note “The anti-vaccination movement encourages parents to “do your own research”, however doing  “research” by reading web-pages is not comparable to actual research done by scientists who work hard to protect us all from dangerous  and debilitating disease.”

A non sequitur is a conclusion that does not follow from the information.  This is a doozey. You assume that all research is created  equal and that all research results are equally published and disseminated.  This shows that you may know a great deal about sex, but absolutely nothing about the realities of research, most of which is funded by people who want specific outcomes and information that does not support what they want is frequently buried, as per the contracts now signed by researchers saying that the funder, not the researcher, owns the data.

But to pursue your logical error further, if you are somehow saying that only a laboratory scientist who is not lazy and is directly involved in disease protection can speak about scientific findings, then your reasoning is beyond me.

Parents do not lose their minds nor their ability to reason (sometimes they are even trained in it, being scientists, doctors, epidemiologists, and other well-educated persons) merely by procreating.  And yes, it IS up to the parent of each child to consider the family history, risk factors, toxicity of materials in vaccines, etc., to determine what they want to have happen to their child.  As it is for their own bodies, as it happens.

The principle is, in fact, enshrined in the Australian Constitution although apparently in the copy on your desk, the relevant paragraph  ends with :…but you can toss this aside any time you feel like it on the basis of anything that seems compelling in the heat of the moment whether  it is based in good science or not.”

I wonder if you have done more than read websites (cherry picked ones, at that) when you state, “The safety and efficacy of vaccination  is not an area of scientific controversy.”  If you knew much about how ‘safety’ and ‘efficacy’ are defined (to vaccine regulators, safety means “less toxic than the far more toxic non-placebo” [which is often either pure thimerosal or the highly toxic rabies vaccine] while efficacy means “leads to the production of antibodies whether those antibodies are associated with disease protection or not”) and what the actual safety and efficacy are, using valid science to measure them, you will find to your surprise that all independent studies that actually  examine meaningful safety and efficacy of vaccines find them dismally lacking in both of those qualities.

Consider, for example, the horrifying level of scientific dishonesty and malfeasance surrounding the production and use of the HPV vaccines revealed only a few months ago.  These vaccines are being mandated all over the world on the basis of the same fatuous nonsense as that which you are promoting.

That makes sense, after all: injecting poison and protein into the body cannot be good for it.  And, in fact, it is not.

While you dismiss the idea that those in high places are conspiring to mislead and deceive us, that happens to be the reality.  And  it is widely documented.  Where have you been?

Conflict of interest where people like the very wealthy, apparently scientifically illiterate and absolutely shameless, Paul (“Babies can accept 10,000 vaccines without harm”)Offit, MD, sit on panels and vote on the approval of the very vaccines on which they hold patents and from which they stand to make vast sums of money, as Dr. Offit did (an estimated $48Million US in the first year of use of his very dangerous rotavirus vaccine) can hardly be seen as serving OUR best interests. 

These conflicts of interest are so egregious that nothing that comes out of these agencies can be trusted by any well-informed person.

To make matters worse, the agencies themselves are supported to a large extent by the licensing and sale of the vaccines.  So cui bono?  Why, THEY do! And you can feel totally comfortable taking the assurances of people and organizations whose judgement is clouded by self interest about what is safe and what is not! 

You assure your readers that vaccines are so safe that catching the measles is more dangerous.  Nothing could be further from the epidemiological truth.

Using even the highly suspect, but very vaccine-friendly, figures of the US CDC, we find that out of every 100,000 children who get measles (there were 67 cases in the US last year, by the way), 5000 will get pneumonia and 100 will develop encephalitis.  However, using the same source, out of every 100,000 children in the US, 2,083 will develop autism. Would you like to play those odds for your child?  I wouldn’t.

Consider for a moment the work of Dr. Andrew Moulden, MD, PhD, who was able to show that EVERY person vaccinated with ANY vaccine is damaged through the inevitable induction of micro strokes.  Now, Dr. Moulden was a diligent researcher who knew quite a lot about statistics and scientific method. Go no further and consider that EVERY person vaccinated is harmed permanently, some more able to compensate for it than others. Now ask yourself if EVERY person who gets the measles is harmed.  Rather, people who get community-acquired measles seem to be less likely to get a variety of cancers in their 30’s and 40’s.

“But autists were always there, before the vaccine campaigns, so autism cannot be caused by vaccines”, you may say. “We are just better at diagnosing autism now.” Well, where are the millions of adult autists?  In what care facilities, living longer than what aging parents? Oh.  They are not there.  Right. 

The truth is that while repeated assertions of debunking vaccine danger studies are continually made, the studies remain robust and real.  And parents read them and worry.  As they well should.

You “at the Australian Sex Party would like to encourage parents who are questioning what’s right for their children, to follow the advice of the scientific and medical communities, rather than charlatans and conspiracy theorists.”

I am taken aback by your innocence and naivety.  Recall, as the Australian Sex Party, that there was a time when the august members of the scientific and medical communities taught that masturbation was the cause of epilepsy, degenerative disease and insanity and that female orgasms were non-existent and unnecessary as well as dangerous.

What if the scientific and medical communities are wrong?  Studies show clearly that about 50% of what is vigorously held to be true today will be discarded as irrelevant nonsense within 20 years by those self-same scientific and medical communities.

As a member of the scientific and medical community with almost 50 years of experience in it, not a charlatan or conspiracy theorist, I can tell you with absolute accuracy that that today’s dogma is tomorrow’s scientific  trash.

Did you have fluoroscopy of your feet done as a child when your shoes were being fitted so you and your mother could see your bones?  I did and every doctor asked said that the procedure was perfectly safe. 

And it was, except for the bone cancers it caused.

Smoking?  Perfectly safe.  And it was, except for the lung and mouth cancers it caused.

Radium dials?  Perfectly safe except for their life-threatening hazards.

Removing tonsils and adenoids? Perfect except for the irreversible immune system damage it causes.

Radiation to the brain is safe because the brain is radiation insensitive – except that it isn’t.

Mercury amalgams are perfectly safe – except that they are massively dangerous.

Listening to the medical and scientific community is hazardous to your health when that community

1. Takes decades to integrate new information and overthrow old, dearly held ideas that they own the equipment for and are making a living from and

2. Is ‘educated’ by stake holders in the use of their product, the pharmaceutical industry, so that their information is massively skewed. 

Not convinced? I suggest you read the work of the editors of major ‘scientific’ journals like the Lancet, BMJ and NEJM who, from the inside of the system, discovered that it was, quite literally, corrupted to the core by the commercial interests of the industry that controls the content and supports the journals and educates the scientific and medical communities: the vaccine and drug manufacturers.

I am afraid your sanguine faith is deeply misplaced or that your funding is from corrupted, and corrupting sources.

Which is it?

The Australian Sex Party may throw a great, and very sexy, party, by I am afraid that you know nothing at all about vaccine realities and even less about the realities of research and science.

Are you better seated, educated and informed on other issues?  I truly hope so since I assume you would like to be elected to something.

I invite you to contact me to continue your education.

Yours in health and freedom,

Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions  Foundation

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Here is the link to, AUSTRALIAN SEX PARTY GIVES A SERVE TO ANTI-VAXERS article that was put out by, Australian Skeptics Inc.


  1. Thank you, Adam, for publishing my response. The first time I read the Au Sex Party screed I was so disgusted that I clicked off the page.
    Your continual information flow in your podcasts and outstanding websites makes a major contribution to the truth wars and I am proud to be on your team!
    You asked me personally to respond to these fools and I have done so. Nice to see that it is useful.
    Please remind all of your supporters and readers that they already have a legally protected vaccine exemption for themselves and their children when they use the Advance Vaccine Directive strategy. They can read about it here, and they can secure a card for each family member AND support your work when they enter the special coupon, AC, at the time of checkout.
    That will mean that 10% of the price of each card will be donated to support your critically important work.
    Yours in health and freedom,
    Dr. Rima
    Rima E. Laibow, MD
    Medical Director
    Natural Solutions Foundation

    1. Dear Dr Rima,
      How incredibly forthright and accurate a reply to the Australian Sex Party.
      I am filled with admiration for your writing abilities. I only wish all Australians could read your reply and maybe learn a few home truths about Vaccines and vaccinators but at least they could not claim ignorance afterwards.
      Thank you from the heart.
      Bryce Swadling.

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