April 22, 2024

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DR RIMA RESPONDS: Labor MP Emma Husar says she’d choose autism over nursing a child with an illness

Labor MP Emma Husar says she’d choose autism over nursing a child with an illness that could have been prevented through vaccination.

Emma Husar is particularly offended when she hears people link vaccinations and autism.

The federal Labor MP is the mother of an autistic child. She also nursed her comatose sister through meningococcal disease, she told parliament on Monday.

“Let me tell you, I would take the autistic child every day over the one that almost died from an almost now-preventable disease through vaccines,” Ms Husar said supporting a government proposal to change No Jab No Pay rules.  Read More:  I’d choose autism: Labor MP backs vaccines

DR RIMA RESPONDS: Labor MP Emma Husar says she’d choose autism over nursing a child with an illness

9 thoughts on “DR RIMA RESPONDS: Labor MP Emma Husar says she’d choose autism over nursing a child with an illness

  1. We all should take note of Dr Rima\’s response as, I for one, am sick and tired of all this dramatised, promoted, propaganda by the Medical corporations, Media corporations and Governments supporting all these uneducated dills who occupy positions to ably and falsely influence the public without a shred of positive scientific evidence to offer and get away with it!….. go try to get some nitty gritty on vaccines from governments and media and you\’ll cop \’press button\’ responses full of links to more crap that have no scientific nutrition only theories by individuals but never an extended unbiased scientific study on Vaccine safety….. is there one?
    These people will not debate a scientist like Dr Rima nor will they offer their \’secret\’ scientific studies to Public debate…… surely we must start to ask why…… why not an open public debate before the government steamrolls us into mandatory vaccines that have never been proven safe…… check the labels on vaccines….. Mr Pharma covers his butt!….. do you cover your butt by asking why?….. you should, as you and your children will have no choice soon!
    Uncle Joe….. here we come!

  2. MP Emma Husar.
    BORN 28th April 1980 – age 37 years.

    I cannot not find any information on this woman’s educational background & qualifications ???????

    Apparently MP Emma Husar – has a child with autism.
    Apparently MP Emma Husar – is an unwed mother of 3 children.
    Apparently MP Emma Husar – she nursed her COMATOSE sister with meningococcal disease.

    * COMATOSE – meaning – UNCONSCIOUS – which means her sister was in a hospital bed & unresponsive – & required professional nursing.

    MP Husar SAID:

    Let me tell you, I would take the autistic child every day –
    Over the one that almost died –
    From a now –
    ALMOST preventable disease through vaccines –

    (what she means is – because of the ALMOST effectiveness of vaccines)

    MP Ms Emma Husar – SUPPORTS THE AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENTS NEW PLAN to change the – No Jab No Pay Rules –

    Social Services Minister Dan Tehan said –
    AND ….. CONSTANT REMINDER ….. for noncompliant parents.

    Instead of withholding the family tax supplement art the end of each financial year:

    The new proposal would withhold about $28 a fortnight PER CHILD from the Family Tax Benefit Part A for families who children do not meet immunisation requirements from July 1:

    Immunisation Requirements mean – NOT COMPLETELY & TOTALLY VACCINATED according to the Australian governments LIKING.

    That mens ALL families would be captured by the legislation, rather than just those families with an annual income up to $80.000.

    MY OPINION: This is what they used to call – RAZOR CUTS – to the Australian budget – today it may seem too crass to say RAZOR CUTS – today we need to find a CULPRIT to withhold monies from.
    The Australian government is trying to claw back any & every DOLLAR from the electorate – this is just one avenue to pursue – all the billions of lovely dollars foolishly given over to the mum’s & dad’s as child raring assistance.

    I have a better suggestion – sell of the ABC – the sale of the ABC would immediate wipr several BILLIONS of dollars off the books IMMEDIATELY.

    We really need to ask the Australian government to disclose the financial state of our beloved nation – before Australia is officially classified as a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY.


    MP Ms. Emma Husar is a MEMBER OF THE LABOR PARTY.
    Has Bill Shorten the leader of the Labor party.

    Has The Leader of the Labor Party – Bill Shorten – GIVEN THE WIN of THE NEXT FEDERAL ELECTION OVER TO Our Malcolm Turnbull as a LAY DOWN MESE:

    You see – it looks very funny to me that – if Bill Shorten wanted to win the next federal election he would never have allowed Ms Emma Husar to make this statement – NEVER.
    What shakenery is a foot in the menagerie that is Australia\’s political capital of Canberra.

    At The Next Federal Election
    VOTE 1
    Pauline Hanson

  4. You know something:
    At this point in time:
    EXCEPT: – MP Pauline Hanson.

    What’s more I am not the only Australian who is OVERWHELMED & DISENCHANTED buy:
    The Positively Dictatorial Mind Set of OUR Self Appointed LORDS & MASTERS.
    Where do they get off – I wonder.

  5. I am led to believe that Malcolm Turncoat is the \”9th largest shareholder of GSK\” (glaxo smith kill), who made his money scamming internet users as the founder (or one of \’em) of Ozemail ISP. In any event, All bar one of our Prime ministers have been \’rhodes scholar\’. You can research the only one that wasn\’t… and why…
    Game of mates… be aware… the plebs are becoming pissed.

    1. If it is true – that he holds the 9th largest shares portfolio in a failed pharmaceutical company.
      I am not doubting your information here – okay.
      For the last 10 year at least – according to financial publications – GlaxoSmithKline has gone from one failed venture to the next.
      ZIT is what his 9th largest share portfolio is worth – today.

  6. Sorry for the delay. That quote is part of an Australian book \’Game of Mates\’. I bought it, read it and loaned to my mate so I can\’t give you the exact reference until I get it back. If you have access to this literary masterpiece there is lots of information on how our \’system\’ \’works\’.
    When I get the book back, I\’ll be back 🙂

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