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Engineering the Course of Human Evolution


Synthetic bio-tech. will establish the bridge to Cybernetics; creating synthetic artificial neurocircuits to be embedded into humans to create a common communications platform for AGI based machines in the near future. They are engineering the future of humanity. Be aware…


3 thoughts on “Engineering the Course of Human Evolution

  1. In the early 1930’s Aldous Huxley wrote a book “Brave New World”.
    In this book he forecast how humans would evolve via the petrie dish and not by natural birth as we know it.
    He also wrote that natural birth would be considered unnatural and disgusting and that the clones from the petrie dish would willingly take euthanasia to obey the State.
    Yes….. we are heading there at a rate of knots as we are becoming docile morons obedient to the State…… spot on Aldous!…… Gus

  2. docile morons obedient to our masters…..
    Man, they have been trying since forever to get this one going & still today, no joy.
    Consciousness does not belong to anyone.
    Consciousness is not controlled by anyone.
    Consciousness is not even understood by anyone.
    Even if it were a tangable object, how would they get it to do what they want it to ?
    Today, & reluctantly, some admit that consciousness does not need a brain to exist & function to perfection in a human body.
    Others are in denyal … why ? … because THEY are not in control, if I did not do – cause – think it up it it does not happen, it is impossible.
    They are flogging a dead horse if they believe that they will ever have the capacity to control something that is invisible & that can splat you on a whim.

    Professor Jim Al-Khalili – who is a descent & upright man.
    Explains THE DOUBLE SLIT EXPERIMENT – on yutube.
    then he says if you can work it out, let him know & there is a NOBEL PRIZE in it for you … he forgot to say there was also cash.
    Have a look at the video & put forward a THEORY –
    I have already had 2 turns – just send them to his website.
    * There is no such thing as empty space – any where – ever.
    * All particles interact with each other – attracting & repelling each other – the big ones move more slowly that the smaller ones.
    * When you introduce anything into the equation you change the dynamics – therefore you will get a different reaction.
    Good Luck Brains.

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