April 20, 2024

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Earth is quarantined by some barrier so that no one can travel beyond Earth?

What about Alfred Webre and Adrew Basiago who claim to have traveled (teleported, jumped) to Mars and other planets?

Could it be that they meant  ‘out of the Solar System’?

Astro-travel, the spirit being ,not the physical, the physical body cannot go beyond the ethereal barrier, and even those that get close [as per astronauts] risk hideous radiation sickness from the van allen belt. Thats why they send innumerable probes and robots out there. Theyve had all the technology before but it was lost during the time of the fall of atlantis. The Third reich were ona  mission to recovery the hardware/technology and uncover the ancient truth/knowledge that groups like the ‘illuminati’ , the masons, the rosicrucians have historically stored from the book burners and agents .The Moon [Luna] holds some clue to the whole thing, think like Star Wars- the forest moon of endor and the Shield generator- death star . No one can really account for the Moon, it has no right being in earth orbit by all accounts , earth gravity too weak to have ever captured the moon and pulled it into orbit…..



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