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I actually can’t believe I’m writing this. Debunking a potential plandemic of MONKEYPOX? How is this a thing? Yup the world has lost it’s marbles. It seems the majority of people do not look further than their tv screen for info, blindly believing every new fear-mongering campaign with actual relish, it has to be said.

Well as usual I will try to put this nonsense to bed, again. It is not hard to find the clues and the gaping holes in their narrative. They’re not even bothering to hide the holes so I will show you where they are and what it means.

Starting with the good ole CDC website –


Did you spot that? They ‘discovered’ monkeypox in humans during a VACCINATION campaign in Africa for SMALLPOX!! So for those who need it spelled out, they injected children with noxious substances supposedly to prevent smallpox so when some of them presented with ‘smallpox’ they had to deflect (as they always do) and invent a new diagnosis to cover up the vaccine damage. Look at this picture and tell me it’s not ‘smallpox’.


Another word for it is ‘vaccinia’. It’s hard to find accurate info on ‘vaccinia’ now as they have usurped the original meaning of the word to create yet another ‘variant virus’ from vaccine damage. Yes they’ve been doing that from the very first vaccine drive.

Original meaning of ‘vaccinia ‘ was –

Monkeypox was born out of vaccine damage just like Delta and Omicron were in 2021 and people keep falling for it. It’s a never ending cycle.
Next lets look at the origins (where did it come from) and holes in the official story on Wiki-


So originally it came from monkeys but wait, not wild monkeys happily monkeying around in the jungle. No, monkeys that had been ripped from their home and families, shipped in boxes 100’s of miles and stuck in a medical laboratory. NOT a naturally occurring disease at all then. Well what a surprise.

Let’s have a look at the discoverer of monkeypox now and how he ‘discovered’ it.
– interesting stuff


So basically we can derive from this that the man works in the vaccine industry so is well placed to orchestrate a cover-up of the damage done in Africa by their smallpox campaign so they could go on to commit even more atrocities there with the next vaccine.
I also highlighted the rather strange sentence about bio-weapons because it seemed out of place but might be relevant later. To me it looked like a possible ‘fact-check’ addition to gaslight the tinfoil hatters spouting the covid-biolab conspiracy. Turns out he said it at one of those elite type meetings they like to hold to make us think they’re doing a great job running the world. Sort of like a G7 meeting but with a silly name. Pugwash hahaha.

Apart from discovering monkeypox he seems to have discovered something else of interest.


So basically in plain English, what he discovered was the more chemicals they added to the poor chick embryo’s (that is what the ‘influenza virus system’ is, a fancy name for poisoning unborn chicks) the more cell debris was produced that didn’t match up to a computer generated gene sequence he was trying to replicate. In other words the gene sequences didn’t match what it said on the tin. A quick look at the ‘talk’ section confirmed they were talking about RNA.


Just like they can invent a new disease to cover up their vaccine damage they can also invent new ‘particles’ when the particles don’t do what they’re supposed to do. No-one stops to think maybe the RNA isn’t matching up because they’ve mixed it with other species and the ‘viruses’ don’t replicate because there is no such thing!!

They even admit it openly on the opening line – “inability to isolate them’. So he isolated nothing. He made them up, just like they made up viruses.

While we’re on the subject of making things up I saw this video just the other day and it confirms everything I’ve said about that, from the horses mouth ––Heinz-von-Foerster_mp4_Low_:0?r=75RSTEqK9kHwKixWnPjMSfoPc2Q58GaU

A bit more of their concocted story to cover up the fact their virus theory is total bunkum –


This was all going on in the hayday of the newly emerging science of ‘genetics’ and this was one of the many hurdles they managed to crawl over backwards to explain away. None of the listed ‘viruses’ that this allegedly happens with have been isolated so the gene sequences they were working from were all ‘dirty’. You’d think things would have changed by now in our high-tech world but no, it is still exactly the same as explained in this excellent article-


So it seems von Magnus is pretty good at plugging up holes in the narrative. Back to the monkeypox discovery on his page where the story differs slightly –


So unlike the CDC which hinted at the monkeys not being in a lab but being ‘held’, here we see they were in fact in the lab thousands of miles away from home and for a month and a half already so plenty of time to start jabbing them with experimental vaccine concoctions then.
Again he didn’t ‘isolate’ the monkey virus. He used the Enders method of poisoning cells in a petri dish and calling the damage a virus and the cell/mucus/blood soup an ‘isolation’.
This method was thoroughly debunked in a court case in Germany in 2017 by Stefan Lanka.
See my article Virology is Dead here –

It is also noted that it was pretty common for the poor monkeys to display these horrible symptoms in vivisection labs all over the world. I’m sure the ‘scientists were baffled’ again huh.

Von Magnus also seems to be well connected in the vaccine production elite and making lots of money no doubt. –

In case you didn’t already know Salk’s polio vaccine had to be discontinued because it CAUSED paralysis and death and Von Magnus started injecting the vaccine to save money. Nice people then. Enough of him…….let’s go back to the monkeypox wiki page to see how they got to marketing this ‘new’ disease –


yeh they don’t seem to be moving too fast on this one, maybe using the ‘slowly slowly catch the monkey’ method huh? Only 400 ‘cases’ in 16 years. Probably keeping it on the backburner for later, just in case?

This next bit is a doozy. They reckon that the smallpox vaccine will protect against monkeypox…..


Well sorry but doesn’t that go against their whole germ theory of one germ for one disease. Why it normally takes 10 years to come up with a vaccine because it is so specific?? This makes no sense m’Lud. It’s bloody bonkers. Are they monkeying us around. Why not just give us one vaccine to rule them all if you can just use any old vaccine?
Wait a minute tho, I know what they’re playing at. This is the old problem reaction bad solution game. Offer us the most dangerous vaccine ever produced (the first one yeh) so they can pull their brand new shiney, waiting in the wings as we speak, new monkeypox vaccine. Tadaaah. Yes they have one already of course.

Now here comes another very recent little wiki editing job. Monkeypox was not ‘infectious’ since the 50’s until suddenly now in 2022. Well ain’t that something. Magic.


So now lets get to the absolute star of the show. The actual virus, where is it, what does it look like, how much does it weigh? Have they sorted out an artist to make the pretty CGI pic everyone loves? Here’s the paper that claims the ‘isolation’ of the monkeypox virus in 1972 (told ya von Magnus didn’t do it).

The paper claiming isolation –


Firstly antibodies are NO indication of ANY virus as they are not specific, even if they were there is no test to tell them apart and frankly no proof they do anything they say they do.
See this article for more on that –

As you can see from the last line (highlighted) they ‘distinguished’ a virus that was different from smallpox by looking at poisoned unborn pig kidney cells. No classification/isolation/control group and certainly no Koch’s postulates fulfilled. Very shoddy work. Nothing to see here, move along.

BUT let’s sell it anyway…….Monkeypox even had it’s very own ‘event201’.


Just like at Event201 they lay out what they expect to happen (or is it what they would LIKE to happen) and pretty much they followed the script for Covid so maybe we should have a look at what exactly they WANT to happen.

Page 10 is where the plot is – spoiler alert


Ahaaa now I see where the bio-weapon link comes in that Mr von Magnus was harping on about at his Pugwash meeting. They are gonna go with the old bio-weapon made in a lab ruse that all the controlled opposition were screaming about last time. So now they are being promoted from tin-foil hat conspiracy nuts to working for the dark side. Nice bit of mental priming they did there.
For this to work for them the whole world needs to be bat-shit crazy/hypnotized or they will push through the WHO Pandemic Treaty and then it won’t matter if no-one believes them, they will have the power to do it anyway.

It’s not too late to stop them. Or is it?


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