September 22, 2023

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FaceBook taking down pages that question the safety and effectiveness of vaccination

We warned you…
Three weeks ago, we sent out a newsletter containing information about the Federal Health Minister, Greg Hunt, saying that he will be, “approaching some of the Australian leaders of social media outlets to ask them to take all steps to ensure that dangerous messages about immunisation are clamped down on.”
Two days ago, one of the FaceBook pages that has been set up to allow parents to discuss the issues of vaccine safety and effectiveness from a vaccine-critical point of view was blocked and now, can only be viewed from outside of Australia.
Below is a screenshot of what people see when they try to access the page from within our borders (please excuse the blurry image):
It isn’t just Facebook
As you can see from the video below, taken from a recent BolenReport blog post, the managers and employees at most if not all of the top social media outlets intentionally suppress or outright ban opinions which are in opposition to current government policies.
Shadow banning, outright bans and removal from searches are just some of the dirty tactics used by these censors-for-hire.
HIDDEN CAMERA: Twitter Engineers To "Ban a Way of Talking" Through "Shadow Banning"
What is the solution?
The best way to beat censorship is to move to a venue that doesn’t censor; one that doesn’t share or sell your private data with third parties and one that is not simply a front group for government departments and multinational corporations.
The AVN has set up a public page on MeWe which is one of the social media outlets recently established to allow free speech and privacy to remain supreme.
We need to ask you all to join us there and to ask all of your friends and contacts to do the same. The only language FaceBook, Twitter and the other forums understand is numbers – so let’s take our numbers away from them.
Here is the link to our MeWe page which, we must remind you, is a public forum so, though the posts are moderated by our dedicated volunteers, they are publicly visible to anyone who wants to see them.
We also have this newsletter which we feel is a great way to stay informed away from the control or interference of government authorities. You can forward this newsletter via your own email software and share the link below on all of your social media pages with everyone you know.
This is the new newsletter page we’ve just set up to explain why everyone should become a subscriber to this free publication.
Your help and support of basic freedoms is very much appreciated!
The AVN Team

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