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Governments increasingly make it illegal to live unplugged from the Matrix



As state and local governments increasingly stretch themselves to the financial breaking point with free services and taxpayer-supported benefits, in addition to offering their normal services as well, they have become even more reliant on citizen participation in the mainstream.

In short, governments need all the tax money and revenues they can get, and they get them when citizens remain part of “the system.”

That’s why it is becoming more and more risky for Americans who choose to live their lives “off the grid,” so to speak; anyone who does reduces cash flow to state and local governments that rely on every dollar they can get in order to stay afloat.

This phenomenon came to a head recently with one couple living in Huntsville, Alabama; the city has forbidden them from living off the grid, as they have attempted to do, and has threatened them with jail if they refuse to jump back in line.

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1 thought on “Governments increasingly make it illegal to live unplugged from the Matrix

  1. In Australia this operation of hip pocket impoverishment seems to tie in with the Agenda 21…… making it difficult for people to be self reliant.
    Big Brother Government wants to look after its people, so we are informed, and therefore burdens us all with taxes, laws and bi-laws including Chemtrails, fluoride in our food and water along with GMO’s to name a few……. comforting to have such a concerned big brother.
    The Australian economy, and hence the people, would grow and prosper should we not pay the massive usury to the Jewish International Bankers (Rothschild’s…. just one of the cartel) and coin our own money as dictated by our GNP and allowed for in our Constitution……. we, in Aus, have been conned.

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