February 23, 2024

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Hazzard And The Suicide Jabs

Brad Hazzard was a solicitor so he must have done Law at Uni; he also did an Art Degree.
He is now Health Minister for NSW.
Brett Sutton is a sports trainer, Greyhound and Horse trainer ex pug and now the Health Minister for Victoria.
Blimey, half Australia locked down, economy on the brink, children suiciding and dying of jabs, society falling apart and managed by people who couldn’t disern the difference between a sausage and moo cow!
i have heard this asshole was confronted in a cafe by some people and called a murderer….
This guy is a monster but he has zero remorse or care for anything or anyone but himself.
This criminal lives in a bubble on Sydneys North Shore while collecting massive pay checks each week.
Sydney parents are willing to sacrifice their children to this turds COVID jab agenda, incredible.

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