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Crisis Actors Pretending To Have COVID For TV Commercials

We are now being bombarded with “WEAPONIZED PROPAGANDA” to convince the sheeple watching TV every night to get “JABBED”

There are some new TV ads where the cameras are at the bedsides of sick COVID patients who initially did not take the fake virus seriously but now are struggling to survive.

None of these actors appear to be sick in any way and one Actress even has makeup and clothes on under her gown.

It’s all part the the Australian Governments multi million dollar propaganda campaign to rev up jab rates and pump clot shots into arms.

If they are going to make short TV commercials using actors to pretend they have COVID then why not put a bit more effort into it because many are already poking fun at theses ads on social media.

Above is one of the main actors pretending to be sick in a Sydney hospital from COVID and she is begging you to please listen and get the jabs.

Check the necklace in the top image…

So the Australian Government are using payed crisis actors to pretend they have COVID to run propaganda commercials on TV to boost vaccine rates? 

We really are living in the Twilight Zone guys….



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