April 14, 2024

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I wanted to say something about United Australia Party


I wanted to say something about United Australia Party. I can’t claim to really know about the UAP – but something is telling me it is not the answer for us. It is there only as a last resort as our situation is desperate now. They only seem to outline a few policies. It is what is said, but what is not said that might concern us later on. I have considered joining them, and like everyone else, I would prefer them being in power than who we have. I might vote for them in a state of desperation if it’s really our last option. A problem of course is there are too many minor nationalist parties competing, and they just keep multiplying and can’t win. Max Igan thinks that voting in UAP in the next Federal election might be Australia’s last hope. But, I also don’t believe our political system is the answer, and whilst I might vote for the UAP, I do wonder if we are falling into a trap. My thoughts are it might become a coalition with the Liberals and Nationals, with a slight change in policy, but just a gentler step into the NWO. I don’t necessarily believe there is a political solution – and I don’t know yet who to vote for. Last Federal election I voted for GAP, next I might vote for Australia One, or UAP if I think it is the only option. 

The UAP was the main party of an amalgamation of parties that formed the Liberal Party in 1949. Clive Palmer was a life-time member of the Liberal Party, but came out forming a new party last decade called the UAP. That was intentional. I think he was saying, I have broken off, but not really. You can see with this screen shot that they align themselves with the UAP of old and its connection with the Liberal Party:


I asked Craig Kelly why he wanted to pay off a trillion dollar debt – and why Australia can’t change the credit system instead of endlessly paying off debt to international bankers through the RBA. Why do we owe those scumbag bankers money that create money out of nothing? I got no answer from him. Of course, he is busy – but our credit system and our independence I would have thought are central key issues, and it is through banking and debt they we are enslaved as we are.

See video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGa7AIkc1ow

Not that I agree with everything Graham says in the video, but I do agree with him about states. They have a history and reason for being there – they aren’t in and of themselves bad. I don’t agree with him about being a republic, but I have a problem with the current royal family – but just becoming a republic I doubt is the answer. Below is a screenshot from another video of his – Australia and the New World Order. Like Graham, I don’t believe getting rid of the states is the answer to our problems – even though the states are presently rogue. Federal law can trump state law. UAP can improve things greatly if they were in power and they wanted to make improvements, but I don’t see why they should get rid of the states. This centralises power and raises alarms. 



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  1. Regardless wether the UAP is the answer or not the problem remains that the present LNP, Labour/Green parties are now mere extensions of the Communist New World Order United Nations that is nourished by the Pharmaceutical, Gates and Rockefella wealth.
    Simply put, more competition in the Political Circus is needed to filter and edit the closed room policy designs by mind numbing Political and bureaucratic inadequates.

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