March 4, 2024

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2 thoughts on “Twitter Recruits Feminist Who Thinks “Everything is Racist”

  1. You just gotta give it to these Talmudic Jews and their satanic prophesies……. the Protocols!
    The Protocols were seeded in Hell and this Feminist/Gay propaganda is all part of that Satanic seed.
    The biggest problem to these Talmudic psychopaths is the Gentile ‘Family’….. the roots and bonds to tie families into groups, into tribes and even Nations cannot be tolerated so they attack the family… the root source of their problem.
    We see this in vaccinations, the attack on our new born in hospitals and via the paediatricians who obey Mr Pharma who is owned and controlled by these Talmudic Jews……. I could go on and on!
    This sick feminist movement is all about destroying the natural relationship between men and woman to obey the Talmudic Law……. Gus

  2. Hello Gus,
    femaniam :-
    * the belief that men & women should have equal rights
    * the theory of the political, economic & social equality of the sexes
    * organized activity in support of womens rights & interests
    therefore, a femanist of ONE who pursues these goals for men & women … right ?
    SO – I do not see this woman as a femanist, but a selfserving, sensationalist, working in her own best interests to attain fame & the monies & lifestyle that come with it – a hijacker of the cause.
    Question – what is “the natural relationship between men & women” ?
    Please do not tell me that the relationship between men & women was not defines by narrow minded, control freaks & geeks. Men AND women are unhappy with “the natural relationship” steriotype – it does not work – the model was shoved down our throats & we were punished if we did not dance to the tune of the inept freak –
    These very know-it-all morons, who fashioned the world to suit their own ego’s, who have destroyed all semblance of sanity in the world today.
    True femanism protects the child, male & female & their right to be who they are, safe & protected from IGOR MENGELE & HIS HENCHMEN.
    Stay cool Gus

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