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Is This What You Really Want?

NOTE: What is wrong with the people of Victoria and Melbourne? Why are they just laying down and accepting this brutal punishment for only 13, yes 13 new cases?
Dictator Dan has lied through his rotten teeth from day one while placid Victorians sit on their hands waiting for his announcements to ease restrictions but this is simply not happening.
Andrews is a vicious predator with sociopathic tendencies so when will the nearly 5 million people of Melbourne stand up to this thug and his police state to scream, enough is enough?
People within the state of Victoria are now not only following orders but also barking orders at others who are not submitting to this outrageous tyranny.
By Allona Lahn
Yesterday I had a disturbing conversation with a fellow truth teller from inner city Melbourne. He said he has a medical exemption to not wearing a death mask… people yell and abuse him when he goes out.
His wife has barely left the house for months as she does not want to acquiesce to wearing a mask and doesn’t want to expose herself to the fear and negative energy.
He has done one job in 5 months all his work is outside the city and he has been unable to get a pass out… any work contracts he had, has gone to others, these contracts will not be reinstated after this unnecessary, psychological war is finished.
If and when he does drive just outside his 5km radius he gets heart palpitations and stressed… he has been in war zones in the past and said he didn’t feel this level of anxiety and fear… the police are an unknown weapon ready to pounce on anyone.
Queenslanders are in a bubble of safety and complacency, I feel there is a disconnect with the reality of what is happening in Victoria, here in Queensland we are living our lives with minimal restrictions.
I believe the upcoming election has actually saved QLD from the same fate as VIC, Victoria and Queensland are both Labor run States, Victoria don’t have an election coming up QLD does… let’s wait and see what happens after the election… I suggest we buckle up, that is unless we actually get some voices in Government…
We are being told this is the “new norm” – fear your neighbours, fear your family, don’t hug, be gagged, tracked, traced, restricted, segregated, stand on this dot and follow the arrow… this is NOT LIVING… this type of life will actually KILL YOU, the stress, anxiety, depressions, lack of human interaction, touch, loss of business, poverty, recession about to head into a financial depression… time for YOU to choose how YOU live YOUR life I choose FREEDOM…
Stand strong, stand in your truth and power, connect with likeminded as we NEED each other, be mindful and aware, war is no longer with guns, it is biological and psychological war – and we are in it.

5 thoughts on “Is This What You Really Want?

  1. Straight outa the Protocols of Zion; a summary from the Jewish Talmud.
    The State is the ultimate power along with the elected Jewish “King of the Jews” who will administer his reign with ultimate mercilessness. You will obey or you will not live.
    “A really efficient Totalitarian State would be one in which the all powerful executive of political rulers and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced because they love their servitude”… Aldous Huxley prophesizing today.

  2. I’m in the Doncaster area and of course its full of Chinese and I had a doctor’s appointment – the last place you want to be in a time such as this. Everyone is masked seating is 1.3 metres and when i was getting treated for dressings the nurse after asking me questions just grunted when i said this is all a scam and it needs to stop. The nurse a baby boomer just grunted and i thought to myself a socialist and i said wearing masks is not healthy, and of course she repeats “the party line”. I mean what hope is there when you have nurses who are are socialist mouthpieces for Chairman Dan? Of course you get your temperature taken right where your 3rd eye is ffs, plenty of meditation music and shielding to protect oneself before going to those places. Every time i made a comment about the masks etc she just grunts like a pig.. a socialist pig. And yeah Victorians may wear the masks but its better then getting fined $200.00. Money which people havent got. It is so foreign so alien ; another year of it – September 2021. Try not to get sick!

    1. Hi G_O,
      It has been suggested by some intelligent and experienced scholars that the human race was genetically engineered to be slaves; The longer I contemplate my fellow man the more I start to understand that this theory could be correct. The masses are slaves to the mainstream media yet have the cognitive powers of questioning but rarely do as if it was not on the media it just did not happen.
      The pathetic cringe of people who indulge in this mainstream crap to seek refuge in State protection is a massive part of our psychological Ill-health.

  3. @gus Hi, mate! What pisses me off the surgery is a Mega-Clinic a teaching facility used by Melbourne & Monash Universities, both getting paid handsomely no doubt ! And it pisses me off that the medical establishment lies to its patients .. all in it for the money. People need to learn critical thinking again, and do a bit of research. And sky News au needs to speak the truth 100% and not just cherry-pick. But it is a Murdoch foundation, doing its bit to get rid of the white race.

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