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Transparency for coronavirus/COVID-19 statistics – are these being beaten up?

I think Australia and New Zealand are the most oppressive countries in regards to their response to ‘the virus’.
Victoria in particular is like a police state, with a wide range of restrictions, and police with the power do what they want to enforce them.
And also remember that under the Australian Biosecurity Act 2015, if there was a vaccine available now, people in Australia could be mandated to get it, under threat of five years imprisonment and/or a $A63,000 fine…
See below FYI, also accessible via this link if you want to share:  https://elizabethhart.files.wordpress.com/2020/08/transparency-for-coronavirus-covid-19-statistics.pdf
Email forward to Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison requesting transparency for coronavirus/COVID-19 statistics, via the ‘Contact your PM’ facility.
Submitted on Monday, 31 August, 2020 – 13:29

Title: Ms
First name: Elizabeth
Family name: Hart
Email address: [email protected]
Subject: Transparency for coronavirus/COVID-19 statistics – are these being beaten up?

Mr Morrison, is Daniel Andrews beating up the numbers of deaths attributed to Coronavirus/COVID-19 to try and justify continued Stage 4 lockdown in Victoria, and inhibit peoples’ freedom?
Of the 611 deaths attributed to COVID-19 in Australia over the past seven months, 524 of these deaths are in Victoria.[1] This is in a national population of 25.5 million people.
Most of the deaths attributed to COVID-19 are in people over 80 years, who are likely to have comorbidities. Is it justifiable to determine these deaths were a consequence of COVID-19?
Victorian Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton is on the record saying anyone who’s a confirmed case who dies is classified amongst coronavirus deaths, even if they were already in palliative care. There is something very dodgy going on in Victoria re classification of COVID-19 deaths, and it must be investigated now.
Mr Morrison, you must urgently provide more information on the comorbidities of people dying according to COVID-19, there must be transparency. Deaths by location such as aged care and hospitals etc must be detailed.
Information emerging around the world indicates SARS-CoV-2 is not a problem for most people, particularly young people and children – (in Australia) there are currently no deaths reported in people aged under 30, and only four deaths in people aged under 50 – and did these people have comorbidities?
Mr Morrison, why are Federal and State governments deliberately frightening everyone about this virus? At first restrictions were about ‘flattening the curve’, and this has now morphed into elimination – who decided on this turn in policy which is impacting severely across Australia? What are you planning to do now you’ve boxed us into a corner?
It’s notable that out of the 501 cases of people in hospital and ICU in Australia, 472 of these cases are in Victoria.
There must also be information provided on the status of people in hospital and in ICU, including their age and comorbidities and their likely prognosis. What treatments are being provided to people in hospital/ICU?
Today’s media headlines beat up deaths in Victoria, saying Victoria’s ‘deadliest day’ with 41 deaths, and yet the DHHS fine print said “Today’s deaths total includes 22 people who died in the weeks leading up to 27 August and were reported to DHHS by aged care facilities yesterday”. The headlines are misleading and fear-mongering…again.
The media has been fear-mongering about this virus for months, including beating up every ‘case’ as if it’s a death – what is going on? Are Federal and State governments promoting this fear-mongering via the media?
For example Daniel Andrews and the Victorian Government are behind an ad blitz that was run on ‘every platform conceivable’, with Daniel Andrews saying “the ad blitz was about drumming home the message that the coronavirus does not discriminate. “This is about trying to tell a story to as many Victorians as possible that this virus does not in any way discriminate between people based on age, based on their otherwise healthy status,” he said.”[2]
It looks to me that Daniel Andrews is misleading the entire community about the level of risk, as deaths are focused in the elderly. What is Daniel Andrews motive for trying to frighten the whole community, is he using this to try and extend Stage 4 lockdown ‘until there is a vaccine’? And destroy society and the economy in Victoria, with this disproportionate response, in the meantime? And I am questioning the implementation of a vaccine for this virus…
It seems to me Daniel Andrews’ actions are also likely impacting on the general health of people in Victoria, with restrictions hindering freedom of movement, freedom to work, freedom to associate etc. Draconian actions currently being taken in Victoria are likely to have a myriad of detrimental effects, along with restrictions in other states, including border closures.
Mr Morrison, you must urgently provide more transparency about Coronavirus/COVID-19 statistics.
I also request there be an urgent re-evaluation of the enormous time, money and resources going into testing – 6,168,229 tests now undertaken, 0.4% positive. I question the use and reliability of these tests, which are actually a physically invasive procedure.
What is the true story re so-called ‘infections’ and ‘cases’, are most of these minor, many without even any symptoms? Why are ‘case’ numbers being beaten up? These are only of interest if they are serious cases, e.g. in hospital/ICU and deaths.
There must be clarification on this, because the significance of ‘cases’ appears to be being blown hugely out of proportion, particularly by the fear-mongering media.
Mr Morrison, fear-mongering about SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 is severely damaging society and the economy in Australia, I request your urgent action on the matters raised in this email, it’s way past time for accountability.
Elizabeth Hart
Independent citizen investigating the over-use of vaccine products and conflicts of interest in vaccination policy
1. Coronavirus (COVID-19) current situation and case numbers: https://www.health.gov.au/news/health-alerts/novel-coronavirus-2019-ncov-health-alert/coronavirus-covid-19-current-situation-and-case-numbers
2. Victorian government launches confronting COVID ad campaign. The Australian, 10 August 2020.

1 thought on “Transparency for coronavirus/COVID-19 statistics – are these being beaten up?

  1. To appeal to the Australian Government would fall on Deaf ears as our Government is part and parcel behind this CoVid scam and have sold Australia out to the United Nations New World Order Banking elite.
    Current estimates show for the Past quarter that our GPD is minus seven percent. This is not a recession but a catastrophe. If this continues then we will become a third word country and with the Andrews Chinese Communists getting their foot in the door in Victoria, I will repeat, do you wish to be Governed by Mongels.
    It aint pretty as their morals and drive for supremacy is not in our vocabulary or our custom.
    The facts are, we as the Australian people have been sold out, not only by our Governments but by many of the intellectuals that support the Governments, who sold their souls for the 30 pieces of silver offered.

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