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Michael Cremo – The Hidden History of the Human Race

These processes, which I collectively refer to as the “knowledge filter,” are a powerful factor in removing certain kinds of evidence from scientific discourse and research. Because of the very effective knowledge filtering efforts of Holmes, Sinclair, and other scientists in the late nineteenth century and the early twentieth century, the California gold mine discoveries from Table Mountain are hardly known today.” – Michael Cremo The Nineteenth Century California Gold Mine Discoveries: Archeology, Darwinism, and Evidence for Extreme Human Antiquity.

4 thoughts on “Michael Cremo – The Hidden History of the Human Race

  1. Michael A Cremo, is an American freelance researcher who identifies himself as a Vedic creationist & a an alternative archeology ….. & argues that humans have lived on earth for millions of years.

    At Last …. TRUTH & REALITY !!

    * & I would argue that for as long as planet Earth has been fertile – mankind also existed – one came with the other – I also hold that mankind was spawned on every continent on this planet ….. & never did originate off some coast in Africa.
    Australia’s aboriginal people’s were spawned here on this continent – THEIR CONTINENT OF ORIGIN – that they built boats & sailed – navigating by the stars …. visiting neighboring islands & who knows how far ??
    Therefore – did we really evolve from a species of monkey ??

    I’m watching The Little House – a whodunit movie now but I’ll be back – this is just intermission.
    I suspect the evil witch wants to steal the first born male child..

    1. Physics holds that the universe never forgets
      Therefore everything has conscious intelligence & memory
      And therefore nothing can ever become extinct
      It is held in CODE form / the recipe is always there
      & the ingredients are scattered all around the universe
      & faster than the speed of light exists also – that is when you send a letter & I get it before you even send it
      In the blink of an eye – so magnificent is the magic secret of making.

  2. Cremo says – that we are not machines made of matter, we’re beings of pure consciousness – matter does not produce consciousness”

    I say that the universe never forgets
    therefore it is conscious intelligence
    therefore everything else – matter – is endowed with conscious intelligence & memory
    therefore every single cell that makes up a human body is an autonomous – conscious intelligent force which comes together with others cells to form unites both large & small that ultimately interact as one unit.

    I have a little box which sits on the head of my bed & when I push the button it makes the box talk – itis called a transistor radio.
    Ah Bullshit.

  3. Ages ago, I moved my many books from one room to the next.
    Then I sat & marvelled at how well I’d done.
    And I said to no one,
    “If I ask a question, could I then just choose a book & let it fall open at the page with with the answer?”
    So I asked the question
    I then went to one book case & chose a large book at random
    Placed it spine down on the coffee table
    Flipped the pages back & forth a few times & let it fall where it may
    On the left hand side page there was the answer to my question.
    This is nothing – zit – diddly squat – compared to what happens to others further along the line.

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