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By Petra Tierney 06.07.2016

Roll your sleeves up my fellow Australians and get ready for your injection of foreign organism components, neurotoxins and multiple chemicals: such as aborted foetal & animal cell line components & DNA, aluminium, polysorbate 805 , genetically engineered yeast, MSG, antibiotics and potentially animal viruses. No I’m not talking about a science experiment , but your dose of government mandated adult vaccinations.

While all the attention was focused on the  No Jab No Pay Policy that declared 1.34% of unvaccinated kids all be made social outcasts and responsible for all  infectious diseases, the Adult Vaccination Register was quietly passed in the 2015 Australian Budget and is due to commence September 1 2016. You can read about it here

According to the budget, it says “An adult vaccination register will be established to record all adult vaccines provided under the NIP from 1 September 2016. Establishing the adult register will assist with the monitoring of safety, quality and delivery of vaccinations to the adult population”


Health professionals have previously called for the introduction of a whole-of-life register to include adult vaccinations. The Government appears to have heeded these calls, although the exact nature of their response is not yet clear. The NIP Budget measure states that an adult vaccination register will be established to record all adult vaccines provided under the NIP from 1 September 2016’, but a media release from the Minister has the Government ‘exploring options to capture adult immunisation records. Similar ideas have been proposed in the past, but not fully investigated. In 2006 the Government announced $1.2 million for a scoping study to examine ‘the feasibility of establishing a whole-of-life immunisation register’


Adult Vaccination was already a part of the No Jab No Pay legislation as it was  expanded to “ young individuals under 20”.. As of the end of 2016 the Childhood Immunization Register will simply be called, The Australian Immunisation Register

“ [The purpose of the bill is to] expand the age range covered by the Australian Childhood Immunization Register (ACIR) from children under seven years of age to ‘young individuals’ under 20 years of age (commencing from 1 January 2016)”

Adult vaccinations have the full support of media Mogul Mia Freeman who has been promoting mandatory vaccination articles on her blog “ Mamamia” for several years now.

Mia Freedman is one of the most outspoken individuals in Australia when it comes to pushing vaccines onto children & the public. Pushing vaccines & Big Pharma propaganda seems to be a full time job for Freedman, but what does she really know about vaccine science & how much research has she actually done? I think the staggering comment below by Freedman herself will answer that.  


Freedman is infamous for mixing editorial with her paid advertisers without any disclosure. This is commonly called in the media world “advertorial” . Here is an example of her work for her Client Dove Soap.

Undoubtedly, she has also been paid well by her client NSW Department of Health for her Save the date campaign for Immunisation NSW and Panadol which is owned by Glaxosmith Kline a multi billion dollar pharmaceutical company who make the childhood vaccines . Mia freedman has created a media empire and managed to purchase a  12 million dollar mansion not bad from its humble start as a blog in her living room.

Check out this nasty, bias & insulting hit piece by Mia freedman for Murdoch’s Telegraph: 


Freedman’s McMansion

 Mia Freeman’s website routinely publishes pro vaccination articles and many that chastise non vaccinators. She often enlists the help from members of the Australian Skeptics. The Skeptics, according to consumer advocate, Tim Bolen are an organised hate group  who have a history of sending death threats, making complaints, name and shame sharing on social media along with cyber bullying anyone who has the audacity to question the safety and advocacy of vaccines. 

According to Dr Judy Wilyman PhD “ Mamamia writers on Vaccination have no qualification in science, public health, vaccination science or policy development. Authors who have written articles on vaccination on this website include Rachael Dunlop,  Peter Tierney (aka Reasonable Hank) Peter Bowditch, Mia Freedman, Chris Stevenson and Rick Morton” . Mia Freedman has allowed comments on her blog to be published such as death threats to Vaccination choice advocate, Meryl Dorey yet censors any comments questioning vaccination.  Freeman works directly with the sceptics as many Skeptics have infiltrated private anti vaccination facebook groups with fake profiles . Here is an example of a story sourced from the Skeptics with the being to demonise & portray non vaccinators in a bad light. The anti- vaccination & pro choice communities are filled with caring, passionate & freedom loving individuals from all walks of life who simply want freedom of choice on this issue & have done their own research in regards to vaccinations. Websites like, Mamamia along with the Murdoch media have continually strived to viciously attack & to demonise anyone within these communities who simply want choice for themselves & their families. It’s also very interesting to look at the Murdoch empires deep interests & connections with The Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex, Read More Here:

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Many applauded when the No Jab No Pay Policy passed on January 1st 2016, a draconian & completely over the top measure that would punish those “Anti Vaxxers” but now its time for the grown ups to take some state mandated venom for the team and this can prove fatal for some .  A story that has been avoided by the mainstream media because it doesn’t fit in with the vaccines are safe and effective agenda, is about WA resident Ben Hammond. Ben was a healthy 33 year old adult and  forced  by the hospital to have a whooping cough vaccine to see his new born premature son. Ben received a vaccine for whooping cough (pertussis) which quickly left him permanently disabled and his family destitute. So far he has received no compensation from the Government and the pharmaceutical company responsible. This is yet another extremely important point to consider, the vaccine pushers are not going to be there for you if you or one of your loved ones have a reaction to a vaccine or die, you will be left alone & completely isolated. You can read Ben’s story and donate to this Australian families crowd funding campaign since they’re nearly homeless

The No Jab No pay already makes it difficult for parents who won’t vaccinate their kids to work and function in Australian society without  childcare subsidies and benefits and sadly many families have had to vaccinate their kids without their genuine consent but out of economic necessity.


“The best way to take control over a population of people and utterly control them is to take little pieces of their freedom at a time, to erode rights by a thousand tiny and almost imperceptible reductions. In this way, the people will not see those rights and freedoms being removed until they have passed the point at which these changes cannot be reversed.”

Now the Australian government can go further and waive the carrot stick to  Adults while denying them employment or pensions if they are not vaccinated. People who don’t  vaccinate do it for many reasons, mainly because of a previous severe vaccine reaction or that they care for children who have been vaccine damaged.  Maybe their own children or themselves have suffered through a vaccine injury, an infant death following vaccination, history of family reactions, a presence of immune instability or autoimmune disorder, existing evidence of neurological delay. Some  are just really well researched or connected and believe that the risks outweigh the benefits by far. Another misgiving for some is that  vaccine testing and safety studies are alway’s conducted by big Pharmaceutical companies who are manufacturing the vaccines so this line of approach cannot be trusted. It’s just like Pepsi hiring scientists to tell you Sugar is good for you, which they really do & you can see this arrogant display in, that Sugar film .

From Jon Rappoport

Even if you believe that vaccines work, do what they’re supposed to do, create genuine immunity, the government is pushing a flu vaccine that, in at least 84% percent of “flu cases,” couldn’t work, because those people don’t have the flu

It tells you that vaccines don’t need to be relevant to human disease. They’re products. The authorities buy them, promote them, help sell them.

Read more:

In 2016, by the time children reach 4 they must have 86 antigen doses: 8 injections (74 antigen doses) before 12 months of age, and 2 more injections by 4 years of age… These injections in the name  of safety and prevention of disease have foreign organism components, neurotoxins and multiple chemicals: such as aborted foetal & animal cell line components & DNA, aluminium, polysorbate 805 , genetically engineered yeast, MSG, antibiotics and potentially animal viruses and/or other contaminants. According to Victorian Health minister Jill Hennessy  “There are no risks in vaccinating your children”

Here is a graph showing the tiny minority of 1.34 %  kids unvaccinated that have been incorrectly perceived as a major threat to cause millions to die from disease.


Here is a chart comparing the vaccines children had in the past and now


According to the The Kids Cancer project  Cancer is the leading cause of death of Australian children, by disease” The main stream media are always on the attack against supplements, natural medicine, natural therapies & practitioners but never ever do they address the skyrocketing number of children & young adults with cancer & autism, nor do they seem interested in looking at the real reason as to whats causing all of this in the first place.  and Formaldehyde is an ingredient in most vaccines and according to the CDC is labelled as cancerous

also See:

Cancer, Simian Virus 40 (SV40), and Polio Vaccine Fact Sheet:

According to Autism Asperger’s Advocacy Australia

“ The number of people who are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) continues to rise in Australia. Autism, once considered rare, is now 31% of NDIS participants, the largest disability group in the scheme according to a recent NDIS Quarterly Report issued in June 2015. Instead of looking at ways to continue to give healthy people more vaccines, It would make more sense to conduct more studies into the rise of diseases that vaccines are alleged to have contributed to causing. If the results are not favourable to the vaccine then there is a cover-up. Such as the CDC cover-up This is what Dr Andrew Wakefield’s film Vaxxed is about. Dr William Thompson was quoted as saying “The 2004 CDC study on the MMR vaccine and autism was cooked. It was fraud.”  As the study actually revealed a connection between the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine and the onset of autism in young black boys—but that part of the study was censored.

Many doctors who dare to speak out about the correlations between vaccines causing  autism and cancer are either

  1. Ridiculed and have their licenses revoked namely Dr Andrew Wakefield
  2. Jailed and placed under a gag order such as Government scientist Dr Judy Mikovits
  3. Die  in questionable circumstances such as Dr Ray Bradstreet and Dr Andrew Moulden

I’ve painted a grim picture of the vaccine reality that is now slowly consuming our human rights & our lives but change can’t happen overnight and many questions about vaccines still remain unanswered. However there is hope that these legislations towards mandatory vaccination in Australia  can be challenged by The Health Australia Party who advocate informed consent and transparency will be open to conducting  studies to at least look into the safety, efficacy and necessity of the vaccines on the Australian vaccination schedule. You can read their policy regarding Vaccinations here. The three major political parties have failed the Australian people in regards to health issues & freedoms so it’s time to make your vote count. This absolutely seems like a Pharmaceutical industry driven agenda with our main stream media along with sites like, mamamia being firmly in the drivers seat to push it. If this turns out to be the case then that is a criminal conspiracy taking place in this country & a dark agenda being implemented against Australian families.

please see Health Australia Party, Jason Woodforth Interview:


  1. So it seems the only way we can stop this barbaric draconian law form being implemented is to vote for candidates in the election who are PRO CHOICE regarding vaccinations. This is the only sane position regarding this vaccination lunacy.

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