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MARTIN BRYANT INNOCENT: 21-page submission to the Australian Press Council



Many thanks to those of you who sent me links and details related to the recent (September 2015) articles published by News Corp Australia. These appalling articles DEMONIZE INNOCENT MARTIN BRYANT, PROMOTE HATRED OF HIM, AND ALSO ENCOURAGED PEOPLE TO KILL HIM.

Attached to this email is a 21-page submission to the Australian Press Council which was submitted with an official complaint about these hate-filled articles. It is address to John Pender (executive director) and David Weisbrot (chairman). Let’s see what Pender & Weisbrot do.

Have received feedback from case investigators in Australia that more lawyers are now starting to express concerns about the Port Arthur case – about what has been done to innocent Martin Bryant. In the attached submission you will see words from the Tasmanian barrister Gary Barnes. Everything he states is true. Another barrister who has been speaking out for many years is Terry Schulze. (see the book MASS MURDER)

We are moving toward critical mass. So keep screaming BLOODY MURDER!!! Post on the Internet. Scream to the media. Provide links on websites. Email your friends. Tell your family. Etc. Everywhere you can, at every opportunity.


Finally, the attached submission is not confidential or copyrighted. You can circulate/email/link/website it as you wish.



Postscript: Am in good health and have medical tests to prove it. If I go off the radar – ice-picked to death by some ASIO operative/arsehole (007 wannabe) perhaps – don’t believe any crap about me having been in poor health. It seems ASIO is up to its proverbials when it comes to the Port Arthur massacre. And if you want to know about ASIO, a good awakening is the Sydney Hilton Hotel Bombing – read about it in MASS MURDER or in THE WORST OR BRITISH JUSTICE.


Dr. Keith Alan Noble; author

Unit 72 B, Am Heumarkt 7

1030 Vienna, Austria

t. 43-1-9712401

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7 thoughts on “MARTIN BRYANT INNOCENT: 21-page submission to the Australian Press Council

  1. Many thanks to those who put this up on CRAZZ FILES so quickly. The articles published by News Corp Australia reflect the worst of mainstream media (so-called) journalism. Inciting people to hate innocent Martin Bryant and prompting others to want him killed – “Burn him alive.” This is what Australia has come to. For Martin’s sake, for the sake of the families, relatives,and friends of victims of the official massacre at and near Port Arthur, please keep screaming BLOODY MURDER! Keith Allan Noble

  2. There have been stories since day one, that the Russell St Police Headquarters Bombing was in house – police turf wars …/?

  3. Knowing all this, why have not the Shooting Sporting Clubs not held a Class Action against Howard and the Government to get our guns back?

  4. It reminds me of the black ops of the Hilton bombing by Special branch who were later disbanded. They tried to blame it on Tim Anderson and the Ananda Marga sect but finally after Tim Anderson was found not guilty and the evidence lead to

    Their spying had a collection of 60,000 secret index cards on organisations and individuals including politicians, judges and journalists. The Police Integrity Commission report tabled yesterday found Special Branch was “virtually unaccountable.”The examination of a cabinet in the Special Branch records room revealed firearms, weapons and detonators – some of which had been there for eight years and which the group’s commander admitted to having no knowledge about. The retention of “dirt files” on MPs, significantly increased the risk of “blackmail or extortion” through leaks, the report found.

    Between 1939 and 1997, Special Branch also established an additional 10,324 in-depth files however, all but 1079 had been destroyed&emdash;the report found their destruction might have been illegal. [my emphasis: this means the truth about the Hilton Bombing may never be know and shows they had a lot to hide.]
    Labelling Special Branch a “law unto itself”, Police Minister Paul Whelan vowed yesterday to ensure as many people as possible had access to their files.

    Terry Griffith, one of the policemen injured by the Hilton Hotel bombing, believes ASIO (Australia’s national secret service organisation) and the NSW Special Branch did the bombing. The information he has gathered suggests strongly that they arranged for the bomb to be planted and then to find it in front of the Australian and world media. This tactic would have halted strong public demands to close down Special Branch and reduce ASIO’s security powers. However, due to an apparent timing mishap, the garbage men arrived to empty the bin before the bomb squad, and it exploded in the garbage truck. The Security Forces then pinned the crime on Ananda Marga to cover their mistake.

    At the Hilton bombing inquest Griffith alleged that the private secretary of an unnamed Australian senator told him that he had spoken to an ASIO agent who had said ASIO were involved in the bombing. He said an army bomb disposal vehicle was waiting in the city at the time of the explosion (12.40 am) and Special Branch were observing the hotel from nearby, as part of a prearranged action.

    Griffith also gave evidence suggesting that even the then Prime Minister of Australia, Malcolm Fraser, may have known about the bungled attempt.

    He also said that a man called William Reeve-Parker had told him that an army officer had admitted planting the bomb by switching rubbish bins 24 hours earlier. A statutory declaration by Reeve-Parker was shown at the Hilton bombing Coroner’s inquest.

    I have been involved in the Edward split case, the Perry poison woman case and I was the state representative especially chosen by Betty Hocking in the Legislative Council in Canberra to bring attention to the Lindy Chamberlain case. All were a serious miscarriage off justice and all found innocent. I was also the state president in South Australia for the Vietnam Veterans Royal Commission into Chemical Defoliates Agent Orange where I researched, collected evidence and presented the evidence to the Royal Commission in South Australia.

    The Byrant Martin case is clearly another government black ops and the purpose was to disarm Australia. It is obvious it was and is a conspiracy by the government and its agencies and outside forces. This poor soul was selected, used and blamed without a trial. The so-called mainstream press and media were and are still complicit in this conspiracy and tragedy to Byrant Martin and Australia at large. It must be uncovered at all costs.

  5. “and the purpose was to disarm Australia” …
    Do YOu Think ? – all they had to do was introduce legislation & pass it & the guns would be confiscated & by force if they felt the need.
    I have just begun reading – the reading material by Keith Allan Noble is infused with passion – it is not easy to ‘get it’. So, I will have to find somewhere else to get the story outline from – any suggestions ?

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