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Medical Tyranny: Obama Quietly Signs Executive Order To Advance Global Vaccination Agenda

By Vin Armani

Last Friday, November 4th, Obama quietly signed an Executive Order titled Advancing the Global Health Security Agenda to Achieve a World Safe and Secure from Infectious Disease Threats.

It is the policy of the United States to advance the Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA), which is a multi-faceted, multi-country initiative intended to accelerate partner countries’ measurable capabilities to achieve specific targets to prevent, detect, and respond to infectious disease threats (GHSA targets), whether naturally occurring, deliberate, or accidental.

So basically, the agenda is to push vaccines and normalize quarantine procedures across nations during outbreaks.

GHSA Immunization Agenda states that participating countries must have….

A functioning national vaccine delivery system—with nationwide reach, effective distributions, access for marginalized populations, adequate cold chain, and ongoing quality control.

At least 90% coverage of the country’s 15-month-old population with at least one dose of measles-containing vaccine.

Some notable “Five Year Action Items” include:

  • Conduct routine immunization activities
  • Implement case-based surveillance
  • Achieve and document vaccination of health care workers

Bill Gates provided the CDC with a surveillance tool that helps identify “district-level measles risk” based on immunization records. (Source is same CDC link as above).

What’s more, the HHS recently proposed giving the CDC the power to detain and quarantine people without due Process.

When an apprehension occurs, the individual is not free to leave or discontinue his/her discussion with an HHS/CDC public health or quarantine officer.

…the proposed practice to issue Federal orders before a medical examination has taken place.

CDC defines precommunicable stage to mean the stage beginning upon an individual’s earliest opportunity for exposure to an infectious agent.

CDC may enter into an agreement with an individual, upon such terms as the CDC considers to be reasonably necessary, indicating that the individual consents to any of the public health measures authorized under this part, including quarantine, isolation, conditional release, medical examination, hospitalization, vaccination, and treatment: provided that the individual’s consent shall not be considered as a prerequisite to any exercise of any authority under this part.

…individuals who violate the terms of the agreement or the terms of the Federal order for quarantine, isolation, or conditional release (even if no agreement is in place between the individual and the government), he or she may be subject to criminal penalties.

The source of all quotes above is the official proposed rule for the Control of Communicable Diseases by Health & Human Services (HHS).

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Vin Armani is the host of The Vin Armani Show on Activist Post, TV Star of Gigolos on Showtime, Author, DJ, and Agorist Entrepreneur. Follow Vin on Twitter and subscribe on YouTube.

Source: http://www.activistpost.com/2016/11/obama-quietly-signs-executive-order-achieve-global-vaccination-agenda.html

9 thoughts on “Medical Tyranny: Obama Quietly Signs Executive Order To Advance Global Vaccination Agenda

  1. “CDC the power to detain & quarantine”
    Like their mental health policy .. US Citizens were being picked up randomly of the street / kidnapped & imprisoned in mental health facilities for an undisclosed time.

    In Australia a GP / doctor / medical practitioner .. can section any person for 24 hours .. regardless that that person has no record of any mental health condition .. no consultation with any other medical practitioner is necessary .. no co-signature by any medical practitioner & nor a family member .. merely on the sole say so of any general practitioner .. any Australian can be taken away by a CAT Team .. where another doctor will deem you mentally ill based solely on the say so of the first doctor .. & you can & will be detained / imprisoned for weeks & even months.
    Complain to the

    1. Complaints to the Medical Practitioners Board is futile .. what’s more if a case is brought against the quack .. it is a case of DOUBLE JEOPARDY .. they have all the cards stacked against you .. once they find the quack innocent .. & they will .. you cannot re-try it again .. it is a ONE SHOT DEAL POLICY.

      1. Read something on Genomics .. & marvel
        Without question .. suspicion .. mistrust .. we the people of planet earth have swallowed the rubbish that is GENETICS
        So now go & read about Genomics & know that there will be a fairy story to attend to .. even the minutest question & detail .. that might even consider to cast any doubt as to the validity of the claims made for vaccination .. like there being 100’s of genes which cause Autism ,, as opposed to vaccinations.

    The Medical Profession & their nursing staff & their reception staff who will attest under oath .. for the Quack.

  3. They are working on a vaccine for diarrhea.

    The Equine Morbillivirus Pneumonia / Hendra Virus Infection Vaccine jab will be on the compulsory vaccine scheduled list .. for Melbourne Cup attendees .. soon.

  4. Barack Obama’s legacy to the African American population of the USA:

    Barack Obama has proven .. once & for all .. that the American “Black Man” is a desperate WANNABE suffering the cultural cringe .. that “Black Man” cannot be trusted in any positions of power or influence .. not to betray humanity for the greater good of his white masters .. more than being OBEDIENT & SUBSERVIENT to The Establishment Bosses .. that he will serve without question or continence .. to any end .. his white masters .. only to be given a chance to please .. he waits with baited breath.

  5. The same applies to the Royal House of Saud .. White Man built their dodgy skyscrapers for them .. the bloody things began to burn .. one by one .. they became towering infernos .. then Western White Man sets their media ghouls to tell the whole world that all the skyscrapers of the United Arab Emirate & Saudi Arabia are .. potential infernos waiting to happen .. rendering all of the property investment of the region WORTHLESS .. how’s that for a case of sabotage running wild .. & they are still worshiped & adored for the color of their skin.

  6. AU.
    304. Act or omission causing bodily harm or danger.
    (1) If a person omits to do any act that is the persons duty to do .. or unlawfully does any act .. as a result of which –
    (a) bodily harm is cause to any person; or
    (b) the life .. health .. or safety of any person is .. or is likely to be endangered .. the person is guilty of a crime & is liable to imprisonment of 5 years.

    Causing grievous bodily harm by negligence or unlawful act .. TO ONE PERSON OR TO A GROUP OF PERSONS.

    * all steps by reasonable means to = researching & publishing / make known all literature
    * to investigate probable cause .. of harm causing defects

    A government is not exempt.
    To put in place a law which .. perverts &/or prevents .. is a criminal act .. for the government to invent a law to exempt those from prosecution .. (in case there is harm caused as a result of) .. is to pervert & prevent the course of justice / to be an accessory after the fact ..

    For the bastardry that is the Australian court system.

    1. OBAMA has only shamed himself to his own people .. to what the United States is said to stand for .. to the vows he took a the president of the USA .. shame on him.

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