February 29, 2024

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Michael Tsarion – Psychic Vampires


by Gregg Prescott, M.S.

Editor, In5D.com

Author and esoteric researcher Michael Tsarion talks about psychic vampires. Tsarion believes the medical community is way behind in their acknowledgment in this area.

Tsarion stated, “Vampirism isn’t simply the old cliché of being sucked of energy.  This is what all of the other teachers and all of the books are saying.  This is only about 50% of the problem and in a way, doesn’t even constitute the main type of attack.  One of the most dangerous aspects of the attack is to actually be dumped on by the other person.”

According to Tsarion, you need to understand:

  • bioenergy and how it works
  • cording and the exchanging of energies along with how each person plays a role

Tsarion added that the vampiristic kind of person has the greatest success from people

  • who suffer enormous trauma and enormous loss throughout their lives
  • whose consciousness has been traumatized
  • who have been beaten up a lot
  • who have had a lot of difficulty in life
  • who have been underdogs
  • who have been outsiders
  • who need a lot of warmth and affection

Energy vampires tend to stay away from:

  • people who are stronger
  • people who are centered
  • people who have lived a better life


3 thoughts on “Michael Tsarion – Psychic Vampires

  1. Transmitter – Receiver – energy flows
    * Schizophrenic or Possession ?
    What if schizophrenics really are possessed by demons, after all ?
    * youtube Schizophrenia, Psychosis Explained – reg., work done by Dr. Wilson Van Dusen.
    I watched a documentory on TV over 13 years ago – children who were diagnosed Autistic, were found to have hearing defects – all they ever heared was static noise – ONLY – and with no normal sound imput, behaved accordingly – their hearing was tuned in to mainstream frequency / they were tunes into the normal frequency that humans are & for the first time they heard the world – they were never Autistic.
    What if:- schizophrenia is also a hearing defect – a problem reveiving – being open to hearing one or more other frequencies –
    What if:- schizopherenics are picking up the sound of negative energy flows ( not because the noises are directed towards them spacifically – but because their ears can hear it ) a hearing defect.
    The mind is all powerful:-
    What if:- the mind thereby – only doing its regular job in processing information – interprets the sound & translates it into a story line & language that can be understood by humans – afterall that is what the brains job is – so – what the person hears constantly is voices of abuse etc.
    Negative energy noise – I MEAN ENERGY NOISE OF OTHER FREQUENCIES & NOT SPIRITS & DEMONS – translated into human voices –
    MUSIC stirs our emotions as our brain puts forward the images / interpretations – & so do sounds.
    I do think that all avenues should be thoroughly explores & there we will find the truth about the matter of the Jinn & Angels.

  2. I fell asleep on night
    Alas, I left my music on- it takes 6 CD’s & it played all night long – over & over again the music played quietly, as I slept.
    The next morning I woke up exilerated & joyful –
    Classical Music / Waltzes etc.
    Sound make us

  3. One more thing:
    When women live together, their menstrual cycles synchronize.
    youtube – The starlings on Otmoor – how does this happen ?
    Like the women living together, they synchronize & become of one mind.
    Also – a young woman in the compay of women who are going through menopause will develop the same symptoms = Menstrual Disorders = Amenorrhea & are treated accordinly by the medial system – including hystorectomy.
    A young woman trying to get pregnant – who is constantly in the company of older women, who are going through menopause, or have reached menopause will find it diffecult or impossible to conceive a child.
    This is common knowledge – you can see why the medical profession must be staunchly skeptical – their profession depends on the crap that they spew forth.

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