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Michael Tsarion – The Earth Is In Quarantine-John Dee and The Macrobes




The Earth Is In Quarantine: Michael Tsarion

Michael: “More than 30,000 written documents from around the world tell of advanced beings who came to earth or were already living on the earth. The word Nephilim means those who cast down, not came down. An Indian document tells of a demon race that invaded three planetary systems. Opposing demons was the Hindu God Shiva who possesses a powerful weapon he fired at the enemy airships. Many of these documents were taken out of the Bhagavad Gita, when they came to passages like this they would skip it, they knew about what it would mean. Who are these beings that fly in a cloud like doves to their windows? Who are these personages?

I’d like to go into that, and explain the background of our history. It turns out that about fifty thousand years ago the Sumerian records always talk about visitations by aliens and the stories tell of  race of beings, expelled from their planetary system. There are different views about whether they are from Sirius, or the Pleiades. These beings had space travel, were far advanced. We have information all down through society about the strange vehicles and visitation. In the book of Ezekiel there are strange visions of things that resemble space ships. The Temple of Abydos in Egypt, has carvings on wall that look like submarines and helicopters.

As these beings got into our system they landed at Tiamat, it must mostly oceans, this atmospheres was so luminescent  it was also called Lucifer, a second sun. They were being pursued, and they landed on another planet in our solar system (Tiamat). Set up a dummy base to send pulsations out. When their pursuers arrived, they thought they were on Tiamat, so they incinerated Tiamat. All of its content are the asteroid belt, and Charles Fort made a life study of these anomalies, frozen fish, ice from the sky. They thought he was as a crank. The debris up there, Tiamat was an ocean planet so frozen chunks of ice and fish make sense. The fish are alive, because of the refrigeration, and can be re—animated. These aliens came here, went into the tunnels, and caves and oceans, they had to because of earth changes, the flood which destroyed their first civilization. That’s why the Jewish and Celtic texts talk about the Gods coming out of the waters. Atlantis was their civilization with all their technologies. These being interacted with us, now our planet since we’ve been on this planet as hunter-gathers we probably have been visited by cousins and brothers from other solar systems, but the policy of most of those groups has also ways been to come and do your research but not interfere in the actual destiny of the indigenous beings the homo sapiens and Neanderthals. Better not to even be seen. But these beings were what you’d call in Milton “fallen angels,” better to rein in Hell then serve in Heavenand they had an agenda that did want to interfere with the homo sapien at that time. So they started to corral and research all the different types of people on Atlantis. At a certain point, thousands of years later, genetic changes were done. All the humans were changed or subsequently phased out. and the being they created was called homo atlantis. a being that has pure alien DNA and pure human DNA, homo atlantis: from which we are all descended. but the poetic euphemism to these people was called the sons of the serpent, the brotherhood of the snake or the serpent people. Not because they looked like serpents, but for reasons we will come to in a minute. the first progeny of the fallen angels was the sons of the serpent. thats why it says in the bible lets make man in our image, after our likeness. they are telling you all about this. and the word genesis means the genes of the goddess Isis. And when the bible uses the word “created” its actually more like our word for build or construct.

Now why would the angel of death or god, in pharoah’s time, or even Herod, what would be the importance of killing the first born of your enemies? The first born is another one of these cryptic terms for sons of the serpent race, or the children of the Elohim. some people might want to call the original serpent masters  “the Jehovah clan” and others might want call the fist born the “Elohim.” Now, Christians wont understand this, because when you use these terms like that you should think less of an individual and more of a race, than it starts to make sense.

Now they created this first born to serve them, by combing the human and alien DNA together, at the place called Atlantis, but, as time went by, maybe 100’s of years, its hard to know, but we have from that time the great deluge, when Tiamat was destroyed created enourmous cataclysms. But at least it slowly subsided over time. But anyway when they created this first born, they sent them out be their servants, to go out in the garden and do their physical work for them. But after time, since they had human DNA,  the humanism, the sense of spiritual connection to things, that their fathers didnt have, the felt they shouldn’t be subserviant and do this work anymore. They had the high intelligence and the divine spritual connection. So they left. And re-situated their own civilization on the continent of Oceana or Lemuria. Leaving their alien fathers with a predicament as to what to do. So they went back to the drawing board to create a different entity. The Papal Vu text says “Let us make him who shall nourish and sustain us. What shall we do to be invoked? To be remembered on Earth? We have tried with our first creatures, but could not make them venerate us, so lets try to make obedient respectful beings who shall nourish and sustain us.” This is from the Mexican Papal Vu. You know the conquistadors how many books they burned? You want to know why? If this is one little piece of one little book…The first creatures wouldn’t do it, so we go to the second…..(to be continued)”

Michael Tsarion – John Dee and The Macrobes

Tsarion: Let me draw a picture for you about a specific time in England, in the 17th century at the time of the Tudor dynasty, a big agenda took place, and it had to do with a character named Sir John Dee. And he worked for the British government, and he was also the ambassador to the court of King James and Queen Elizabeth I, and when he wrote back to the queen, he wrote his signature “007.” because he was the head of MI5, British secret service comes at the end of the Tudor dynasty in the 15th century. Ian Flemming the author of James Bond was a member of the secret service, and when he retired he wrote about his organization. The movies also tell you amazing stories, if you know how to watch them.

mi5logoNotice MI5’s logo, with the pyramid and the eye on top? Well John Dee was a great occultist, sacred geometrist, and court astrologist to Queen Elizabeth. And he was a Rosicrucian, which is why in every capital of the world you have the rose garden, it’s the Tudor rose.

John dee was the man around the time when they actually discovered, there is a barrier up there (the earth is in quarantine: there is a barrier around the planet). They had telescopes and some primitive flying ships. and they tried to leave the planet and couldn’t do it. These technocrats realized they have a serious problem here, no matter what we build, there is a blinkin’ star gate up there. so they were in turmoil, they were in a dilemma, imprisoned in this planet. Remember in the Bible it says “and God will chain the beast to the pit for a thousand years.” Satan being chained to a pit. they realized they couldn’t get out. So John Dee said we need another approach. And he contacted his patrons, the queen of england and her coterie, these original Illuminati types. and he said we need to go to another higher form of intelligence, not extra-terrestrial, but pan-dimensional. they may be able to help us with this. this wasnt the first time a portal would be opened on our earth and it wouldn’t be the last. John Dee contacted some beings that CS Lewis refers to as the Macrobes.

he said that under our level of perception we have the microbes., well CS lewis says there’s another level above us which is the same, we can’t see it with our physical instruments, the instrument of knowing that is the human intuition, or imagination. Well, John Dee being an occultist, a magician of very great power, opened a portal in england in the 15th century and contacted beings of a higher intelligence, these Macrobes. And macrobes don’t actually like being pestered by inferior beings such as himself. And we can’t say if they’re good or they’re bad, those terms don’t work with this sort. But as his mind is nearly frazzled with their interaction, they actually did say “oh whats your problem? oh yeah well we can fix that.” So he said, “Let’s do it.”

But the only trouble was that in order to do it, the information they had to pour through his consciousness, would take literally thousands of years to manifest in real-time. This work was called Enochian magick by the way. It was too big for his consciousness so he had to get all his counterparts in Europe to get on the ball with this, so all these black nobility families and Illuminati families were all working simultaneously at the same time, but obviously history would catch on to this, so they sold it back to us as the “renaissance” and everyone was into it, like a vogue thing. So they put it in this quaint way. The real story was that these scholars were working on this vast amount of knowledge pouring in day and night though the psychics of the world working for these royal families of the world, Cornelius Agrippa and these guys, writing it down.

And then later on it was discovered that it’s so much information, and hard to practicalize, and they don’t even really know what it is, because its advanced science, way beyond what this guy could translate. But it was realized that having individual geniuses working in their little garrisons was not good enough, you have to bring it together, places where scholars could come. and we call these universe-cities, or universities. or colleges, where you collage information. It’s not for you, me and grandma to get a degree. They don’t care about us. Just fifty years ago your fathers didn’t have the privilege of education, they were sweating on the fields, wondering what life was about.

But they found out that to get what you need, you needed to basically use the entire planets mineral resources to pay the people; it’s a business, to build these super technologies. And isn’t it that time, the 14th and 15th century we have the rise of the British empire, this little country spreading its tentacles around the world, isn’t it that time we have the stock exchange rising, the cultural and agricultural revolution rising, so many things out of this time, the new science of Francis Bacon and Newton, and Copernicus, and Kepler? All looks very divided doesn’t it? Well because we are learning it from the universities put together by them in the first place, who know how to disseminate knowledge so that you won’t see the overall pattern, but the few at the top of the pyramid know whats really going on. Just visit England sometime, and you will see: 90% of the stately homes in England today were built around the 16th century. Before that the kings were shivering in their castles, they didn’t even have glass for the windows. Yet suddenly something happens.

But the empire arose and they sent out their pirates. Their emissaries from the Hudson Bay company and the East India company, to the four corners of the world to enslave the world to get the mineral resources, to get the gold you see? To bring it all back for one agenda orchestrated by very few people of the Tudor Dynasty. America’s destiny is very much wrapped up in this. Through the Hudson bay co. and the Russell trust, this country was taken over by pirates. “Pyro-te” fire, the fire ones, the illuminati, the ones who have the fire, just study the pirates alone. Some of these pirate leaders had magical powers, they were also extremely brutal and ruthless.

Now, the Macrobes, they don’t nothing for free. First of all they told John Dee and his cohorts to get the key to the stargate you have to do two things: the first thing is find out how to make matter from energy. But you are too stupid to know how to do that, so we have to teach you how to do the opposite first, which is how to release energy from matter. And that alone is gong to take you 500 years. Remember when Oppenheimer split the atom, that was when they patted themselves on the back because phase 1 was accomplished. Now they are doing the opposite: how to create matter from energy. Which is what the Macrobes told them they need to do to get out of the stargate. MIT, SRI, Sun Corp are just fronts for that particular agenda.

The second key involved the element Silicon. You are talking to John Dee in the 14th-15th century, he’s not gonna know what any of this means. What we are calling the “Silicon Revolution” is the end game being played out.

But the macrobes don’t do anything for nothing.  so john dee goes, “well what do you want? In return for your knowledge?” They said, “we want blood.” Just like any vampire right, blood is energy. When you study the occult, you find that blood is energy. So John Dee goes “oh, well how much do you want and where do you want it?” When and where? So the macrobes said, “well we want sacrifices.” Well isn’t it around that time in the 16th century that the wars begin? Not battles between two maniac kings with 100 knights, but wars? not only the ships and the trade routes and debauchery, but africa, think about what they did to that continent alone? think about they’ve done in america. Why do all the soldiers wear occult symbols? Because in order to have a ritual death, even if it’s your common garden black magician whose going to kill a cat. They have to draw the right circle, do it under the right constellation, do it with the right timing. Think of a mass on a huge level that has to send up energy to these beings. It doesn’t count as a ritual sacrifice unless certain things are done properly. So the location is very important, and the timing, the ritual centers, our cities are actually ritual centers. Do you know there are 23 zodiacs sequestered into Washington DC alone.

So when you see these ritual centers, these cities the geometries that’s been proven to be involved with them, they are designed specially for a reason, those monuments and obelisks you see, to enhance grid energy, to be sacrificial sites.  Lady Diana Spencer was killed not far from the Eiffel tower, at the 13th pillar, almost 100 years to the day that Jack the Ripper killed his first victim, a virgin, right? Lady Diana represented the virgin, in occult terms.  The whores that Jack the Ripper killed represented in esoteric terms “the willing victim” or a sacrificial victim. The 31st of january is when the sign of Virgo goes into the underworld, on that day, the virgin descends into the underworld, so they take out the virgin then.

They are not going to use solar astrology, because the average astrologer would get on to this. They use other kinds of astrology which are more esoteric, I go into this in my work. How geometry and sacred geometry is used in designs of cities, and how assassinations of JFK and other people are entirely based on this. And how American designs of cities are built like a silicon chip.

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