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But first, a little context.  Do you recall that now famous (or, depending on your lights, infamous) video shot from the Space Shuttle in the now world-famous NTS-48 video? In that video, one saw several bright white “dots” moving in an intricate pattern, one is almost tempted to say in a “formation” of some sort, and then, dramatically, one of the “dots” that was moving along the LIM line executed a sudden and very acute turn of about 100+ degrees, accelerated abruptly, and went shooting out into space as a “shot” seemed to stream up from the Earth, aimed at where the dot had been before it executed its maneuver, a feat which suggested to many, including yours truly, that it was under some sort of intelligent control(as was the “shot” from the Earth). The fun then began, as many jumped on the video as “absolute proof” of the presence of ETs, and as NASA rushed to assure us that what we were looking at was merely ice particles from a water dump from the shuttle itself. That lasted until Dr. Jack Kasher of the University of Nebraska did a photo analysis of the whole video, and promptly denounced the “ice particle” theory. However, for some of us – myself included – the video wasn’t so much about “ET” as about the possibility that we may have been given – either deliberately or inadvertently – a glimpse into some possible hidden technologies, both of a weapons nature, and of a propulsion nature, for as fast as the little “dot” darts away in the NTS 48 video at a very nimble couple of hundred thousand miles per hour(according to some estimates), it still wasn’t “fast enough” to get from “interstellar there” to “here”, all of which suggested not so much ETs, as hidden possibilities.

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